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Re:Your Question on why we celebrate 60th anniversary and what are the PramANams for such celebrations.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 19:10:12 PST

Dear Sri Raamu Iyengar:

Your questions on (1) why we celebrate 
60th anniversary (Shastiyabdha Poorthi)
and (2) what are the PramANams behind 
such a celebation are timely ones.

Scriptural Backing is available 
for the Veda PrAyam of 100 years .
"JeevEma saradha: satham; NandhAma 
Saradha: satham et al).Here the prayer
is to worship the ParamAthmA ,Sriman 
NaarAyanan in the center of Soorya mandalam
and perform AarAdhanam for Him.Vedic time frame
of 100years is prayed for in this manner .

On the way to this centenary mile stone 
achieved by great AchArya PurushAs like RaamAnujA ,
Swamy Desikan and many others , we cross 
two other markers in that journey.

One is the 60th anniversary and the other is 
the 80th anniversary completion .

The 60th anniversary completion is in tune with
the 60 year cycles of years ( PrabhavAthi samvasthrAs).
it is a turn of the time wheel. It is a full circle.
Thanks is given to the Lord for completing the cycle 
with performance of Udaka ShAnthi,Chathur Veda 
PaarAyanams , PurANa Patanams and  tadhiyArAdhanams .
The side purpose is to remind the next generation 
to follow these traditions of honoring Vedams 
and Vaidhika karmAs .The social benefits of coming 
together with family , friends are also there .

The 80th year completion is for "seeing " 1000 Moons
in  a lunar calendar of years . Again thanks are given to
the dhivya damapthis and one's AchAryan is done 
along with salutation to BhaagavathAs on one's 
journey towards Veda prAyam and for years filled 
with kaimkaryams and for adhering to the rules of 
adopted aasramams defined by the VedAs and Smruthis.
Udaka ShAnthi, Veda paarAyanam,PaadhukA sahasra 
PaarAyaNam , dhivya prabhandha PaarAyanam et al 
take place here also. 

Tomorrow , the sathAbhishEkam of a great AchAryan ,
HH PoundarIkapuram Andavan is being celebrated
by his sishyAs and abhimAnis and the seven day long 
celebration consists of many of the above observances 
along with Vidhvath Sadas for number of days .Most revered
Jeeyars of our SampradhAyam including asmath AchAryan,
Srimath NaarAyana yathIndhra MahA Desikan of 
Ahobila Matam will be participating at this special
event to enhance the VaishNava Sri at Srirangam.

With prayers for Veda PrAyAm ( innumOr NooRRANdirum)
of 100 years for all of our AchAryAs and aadarsa 
PurushAs ,

Namo NaarAyaNAya,


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