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Re: Reg- NootriEtu Thirupathi Anthathi..

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 17:12:03 PST

Dear Sri Badrinath:

You probably are referring to 
PiLLai perumAL IyengAr's 
108 Thiruppathi AnthAdhi .

It may be available in T.Nagar or Mylapore 
Book stores dealing with Religious works.

Srimathi Kothai, who just joined Bhakthi group 
might be of help in locating places to acquire a copy
in Chennai.

I would need it too for the ongoing Azhwaar /108 
Dhivya Desam CD ROM project. I have only stray 
verses  from this beautiful and moving Sri Sookthi.

In USA , Sriman Sampath rengarajan of Ann Arbor , Michigan
might have a copy .I have copied him on this note. 

Sriman karalapAkkam Anand of Chennai miight also
have information on where to purchase a copy in Chennai.

Best wishes, 


At 09:52 AM 3/28/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Srimathae Ramanujaya Namaha
>Srimath Seetharama sath gruvae namaha :
>Dear Bagavatas,
>   I humbly request to let me know who is the author of
>the divine work  NootriEtu Thirupathi Anthathi and were
>can find a copy of the same.
> dasAn
>Badrinath. D 
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