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An Appeal From UDAYAVAR SABHA in Triplicane

From: Sundar Saranathan (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 05:42:37 PST

I am attaching an Appeal from the UDAYAVAR KAINKARYA SABHA. Please send me
an email if you have any questions.

adiyEn ramanuja dasan
Sundar Saranathan.


Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

CHENNAI 6000005


                Sri udayavar kainkarya sabha, Old no. 12, New No.2, Arumrga
Chetty Lane, Triplicane, Chennai- 600 005,  is doing yoman service of
performing kainkarvam of Sri Ramanujar  enshrined in Sri  Parthasarathy
Swamy  Temple of  Triplicane,  Chennai  from time immemorial .  The
following kainkaryams  are performed year after year .

1.  Performing  Sri  Ramanuja's   Avathara festival concluding on his birth
star i.e. Thiruvathirai for ten days in the month of  chittirai
(April -May)
2. Conducting  monthly Thiruvathirai thirunakshathrams  (monthly birth star
of the saint)
3.  Preparing and donating various valuable golden ornaments and other
paraphernalias to Lord Parthasarathy and Sri Ramanuja
4.  This Sabha has donated golden prabhai  for Garuda vahanam to Lord
Parthasarathy and golden  pallakku  toSri Ramanuja
5.  Thiruvabharanam set for Sri Ramanuja has been donated
6.  Diamond studded  Thirudhandam to Sri Ramanuja has been donated
7.  Recent donation in April 2000 is   Real Pearl  (Nal Muthu)
8.  Velvet  Pannagam  (top cover ) for Golden Pallaku
9.  Seelai   (Art work in Cloth) , Umbrella  and kalasam  for Thiruther
(Car/Chariot) for the temple.

Sri Udayavar (Ramanujar) Kainkarya Sabha has been forrmed 200 years back
and doing all the kainkaryam  (Seva)  as said above in a very grand
manner.  All the above kainkaryams are done by way of collection donations
from the Devotees and general public.

Expenses for the year for the Annual  Utsavam and Monthy Utsavam is around
Rs.2.5 Lakhs.

It is also preposed to donate a Golden  Sri Satari (Sri Muthaliandan) to
the Temple.  The Appx.  Cost of the Sri Satari  is around Rs. 3,50,000/- .

In view of the above, and as the Sabha require Donations to organise the
festival in a fitting manner, All the readers of this web mail  are hereby
requested to take part in the festivals by donating their mite and have the
blessings of Lord Sri Parthasaray,  Lord Sri Alagiyasingar  and the Acharya
Sri Ramanuja.

Donations may be send to the above said address in the name of " Sri
Udayavar Kainkarya  Sabha " , Triplicane,  payable at Chennai.

Enquiries regarding this may be had in Email address


or   contact  the undersinged  in the Telephone No.  044- 8440550
/044-8445047  .

Thanking you and in anticipation of your favourable response,

C. Parthasarathy Iyengar, Secretary, Sri Udayavar Kainkarya Sabha

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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