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asmadhAchAryan SathAbhishEkam special- 2

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 04:53:33 PST

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnavas,

I wish to share with you another article written by His Holiness Srimad 
Andavan Sri PaRavakkOttai Gopaladesika Mahadesikan on meditation (dhyAnam). 
All errors and faults are only mine; May AchAryan and BhAgawathas forgive me 
for the same.

When uttering manthram, it would be nicer and more enjoyable if one knows 
the meaning of the manthram. Out of all manthRas, the three manthrAs, 
namely, ashtAksharam, VasudEvadwAdasAksharam, VishNushaTaksharam, are most 
important. In those manthrAs, the words Narayana, Vasudeva, VishNu mean that 
Emperumaan (the Lord) is everywhere; there is no place at all where He does 
not exist. He is the Lord Of Shree Lakshmi, Bhoomi and Neela Devi.

Sriman Narayanan is the Supreme soul of all chit and achit tatvas, having 
all chit and achit tatvas as his body, controlling everything, the only 
material and instrumental cause of the universe, present inside and outside 
everything.  “antharbahischathassarvam vyApya nArAyaNasthitha: “ Out of His 
five forms, Pararoopam is the first.

In Bhagavath vibhUthi, three parts are above virajA nadhI, which is Sri 
VaikuNta lOkam called aprAkritha lOkam – thripAdh vibhUthi and the remaining 
one quarter is prAkritha lOkam, consisting of the universes, worlds where we 
live in.

SrIvaikuNta Divya nagar is the city or capital of Sri vaikuNta lOkam. It is 
well guarded by Kumudhan, KumudhAkshan, PuNdareekan, vAmanan, Shanka karNan, 
SarpanEthran, Sumukhan and   SuprathishTan. There are four entrances with 
tall gopurams (towers) on all four sides. At the center is the tall grand, 
greatest palatial building. ChaNdan, PrachaNdan, Badran, Subadran, Jayan, 
Vijayan, dhaatra, vidhatra are the ones at the gates safeguarding this 

Inside the palace, is the most exquisitely beautiful ThirumAmaNi maNdapam. 
At its center, is the most gorgeous – athisundhara SimhAsanam. There are 
eight legs for this simhAsanam called, “Dharmam (justice), jnAnam 
(knowledge), VairAgyam(renunciation), aishwaryam (wealth), 
adharmam(injustice), anjnAnam (lack of knowledge or ignorance), avairAgyam 
(non-renunciation), and anaishwaryam (poverty). There is a bed (or seat) of 
AdhisEshan on that simhAsanam. There are nine damsels namely, Vimala, 
UtakarshiNI, jnAnA, kriyA, yogA, prahvI, SathyA, IsAnA, and anugrahA who 
serve Sriman Narayanan, moving gently the veNchAmaram ( a bushy type fan). 
In the front of Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayana, all AchAryAs are seated most 
gracefully and on the right, SridEvi; on the left BhUdEvi and nIlAdEvi; and 
other dhivya mahishIs surround EmperumAn.

The most beautiful shining crown on His Head; mukthAhAram (pearl necklace) 
around His neck; SrIvathsam; Kausthubham; Vaijayanthi vanamAlA- are brightly 
adorning His Divine Chest. The PeethAmbaram at His Hip; The dress and 
ornaments worn by the Lord such as silk apparel, crown, ear rings, arm 
rings, waist belt (Around the waist the ottiyANam); Holding in His most 
resplendent Hands are the Divine weapons such as Conch and ChakrA, mace, 
bow, sword and lotus (padmam).

Anantha, Garuda, VishvaksEnar and others recite SaamagAnam;
Vishvakenar (the commander-in-chief) along with GajAnanan (the elephant 
faced NithyasUri), JayathsEnan, Harivakthran, and Kaalaprakruthi pay 
military honor to EmperumAn;
akilahEyaprathyanIkan (having no faults and no blemishes absolutely at all 
times and under all circumstances in all forms and in all avatars),
ananthakalyANaguNakaran (having anantha kalyAna guNas of jnAnam, Shakthi, 
Balam, aishvaryam, vIryam, Shakthi, thEjas etc.)
The One who is also addressed as ParavAsudEvan, Parabrahmam is Sriman 
narayanan. He is Iswaran- the Lord.

All names identify him as He is the soul of all and everything. He is 
infinite Absolute Bliss (Ananda), infinite knowledge self, knowing 
everything (jnAnam). He is the creator; sustainer and destroyer of 
everything. He is Pristinely purest (akilahEyaprathyanIkan) -
untouched by impurities; He has infinite (kalyANa guNAs) most auspicious , 
divine qualities unique to Only Himself. (ananthakalyANaguNakaran)

He is the Lord Of Shree Lakshmi, Bhoomi and Neela Devi.

He has all and everything (both Chith and achith tatvas) as his body. Sriman 
Narayanan alone is Parathvam.

At least for ten minutes, everyday, we need to cultivate our minds to 
meditate on (think of) Him; This mind is so fickle; like a monkey. But it is 
KaNNan (GeethAchAryan’s upadEsam that with practice, and vairAgyam 
(determination) one can concentrate slowly and develop. Without thinking of 
anything else, if we keep trying to think and meditate on Paraman, we can do 

Narayana Narayana

Let us salute Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayana with all His paraphernalia.

adiyEn Narayana Dasan madhavakkannan

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