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Suphrabatam in Tamil...

From: Asthagiri Ravindran Chellappa Iyengar (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 22:40:04 PST

Dear members,

i had an opportunity to hear the Sri Srinivasa suprabhatam in Tamil in Jaya TV (5:40 am IST). It was really a very nice one. The depth of the words was so much that it keeps one thinking about it even after one has finished hearing it. It is really a very nice way to begin the day's work. Since i watched it on television, there was also an opportunity to view the various utsavams (as a background picture). The central theme, as most of us know, is: "Oh God! All are waiting to get your blessings. So please wake up and give your blessings" So, if you chance upon a tamil version, hear it.

-Thanks and regards

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