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gita class: CHarama Shloka - saturday 7am pacific

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 13:12:59 PST

Gita class is at 7AM this saturday pacific time. March 31st.

 WE will continue from the previous class. These classes deals in
progression with topics such as :  2nd version of charamashloka artha,  Sri
Vedanta Desika's views, and summary of advaita views of 18th chapter, then
inter scholastic issues, uttamur viraraghavchar's views.  finally, I may
take up portions of gadyatraya vyakhyana to clarify 3rd view of Sri Ramanuja
on charama shloka later.  These topics may take about 3-5 classes more to
finish Bhagavadgita.

It is surprising that we are at this stage of bhagavadgita and it has taken
about 40 or 50 classes to get here.  Let our Acharyas and Lord Sri Krishna
bless everyone with a divine understanding of Bhagawadgita, which can guide
all of us in our daily lives as well as hereafter.

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