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Inputs for CD ROM : XI.9:ThiruvAimozhi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 06:23:18 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Here are few examples of the Vedic passages from
Saama vedam that connect to the thoughts expressed 
by Swamy NammAzhwAr in ThiruvAimozhi prabhandham :

1) upa thvAgnE dhivEdhivE dhOshAvasthArdh dhiyA vayam I
    namO bharantha yEmasi II...SaamA Vedam :PurvArchikA 14
    and Rg Vedam I.1.7

(meaning): Oh Supreme Lord! Day and Night , we approach
Thee with reverential homage and with noble thoughts 
and deeds .

The Thiruvananthapuram Paasurams are dealing 
with this type of homage.

Sitting at the shade of the divine Tamarind tree 
(Adhi Seshan) at ThirukkuruhUr AdhippirAn's temple , 
Swamy NammAzhwAr's dhruva smruthi ( uninterrupted 
dhyAnam) was all about the Supreme Lord , Sriman 
NarAyaNan and His dhivya leelAs and anantha kalyANa 
guNams . By mind , body and speech , Swamy NammAzhwAr
approached the Lord and offered his homage.This mood 
is pervasively present in many paasurams of ThiruvAimozhi.

****    *****  *****

(2)na ki Indhra thvadhuttharam na jyAyO asthi Vruthrahan I
   na kyEvam yaTA Thvam II...Saama PurvArchikA 203 and
   Rg Vedam IV.30.1

(Meaning): " There is no One , Oh resplendent dispeller 
of darkness, Superior to You; no One better than You ;
there is no One , verily , such as You are !

Parathvam of the Lord is celebrated Here.
One of The source TVM paasuram is TVM I.1.3
This Pasuram is about the Parathvam of the Lord ,
which is central to AzhwAr's upadEsams. 

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(3)kadhu prachEtasE mahE vachO dEvAya sasyathE I
   tadidhyasya vardhanam II...Saama PurvArchikA :224

(Meaning):" How amazing ! Even a little praise of Him ,
He magnifies and accepts it with delight , indeed, while
we exalt Him  , we exalt ourselves.

*****   *****  ******

(4)maa cidh anyadh vi samsata sakhAyO maa rishayantha I
   indramth sthOthA vrushaNam sachA sutE muhur ukthA cha
   samsatha II...Saama PurvArchikA:242 , Rg.Vedam VIII.1.1
   and Atharva Vedam:XX.85.1

(Meaning): " Oh Friend ! Do not worship anybody but Him ,
the Divine One. Let no grief perturb you . Praise Him 
alone , the radiant , the showerer of benefits . During 
the course of self-realization go on repeatedly uttering 
hymns in His honor."

ananya saraNathvam is emphasized here.

*****  ***** *****

(5) AgnimIdE purOhitham yaj~nsya dEvam rithvijam I
    HothAram rathnadhAtamam II..Rg Vedam I.1.1 and 
    Saama Veda PUrvarchika : 605

(Meaning):" We worship the adorable God , the One of
foremost position or of the First Priority , the Divine ,
the One who works through eternal laws , and who feeds 
and sustains all that is divine and luminous." 

The Rtham and Satyam aspects of Sriman NaarAyaNan 
is another central theme of Swamy NammAzhwAr's

*****   ******   ******

(6)IndrAya Saama gAyatha viprAya BhruhathE bhruhath I
   BrahmakruthE vipascchithE panasyavE II..Saama Vedam
   UttarArchika :1025,   Rg Vedam : VIII.98.1 
   and Atharva Vedam: XX.62.5 

(Meaning):" Sing a Saaman hymn , a Bhruhath song to
the Mighty , the resplendent Sage ; to the performer 
of sacred deeds , to the all knowing One , and the One 
who loves to receive sincere devotion." 

Aasritha Vaathsalyam of the DayA Moorthy , Sriman
NaarAyaNan is another major theme of the Upadesams 
of Swamy MaaRan SatakOpan.

*****   *******   ******

(7) AgnE Thvam nO anthama utha thrAthA SivO bhuvO varuTya:
    ---Saama UttarArchika : 1107; Rg Vedam: V-24;Yajur
    Vedam: III.25,XV.48 and XXV.47

(Meaning): " Oh adorable Lord , be our nearest friend ,
a protector benefactor and a gracious friend ".

ananya gathithvam is invoked here.

*****  *******  ******

(8) mahAm IndhrO ya OjasA parjanyO vrushtimAm ivaI
    sthOmairvatsasya vAvrudhE II..UttarArchikA 1307 ,
    Rg Vedam : VIII.6.1, Yajur Vedam:VII.40 and
    Atharva Vedam: XX.138.1

(meaning): "The Lord resplendent is glorified by 
His dear ones through hymns. He is great in His 
might like a charged cloud rich in rain ."

*****  *******  ****** 

(9)Yam AgnE pruthsu martayam avA vAjEsu Yam junAh I
   Sa yanthA sasvathIrisha: II... UttarArchika Saaman:1415,
   Rg vedam: I.27.7 and Yajur Vedam: VI.29 

(Meaning): "Oh adorable God ,the man whom You protect
in internal and external comflicts , becomes free from
all vices and he attains eternal wisdom".

rakshakathvam and MahA VisvAsam of the Lord
is celebrated here.

*****  ******  *******

(10) Agni: priyEshu dhAmasu kAmO bhUthasya Bhavyasaya I
     SamrADakO vi rAjathi II...UttharArchika Saaman: 1710
     and Yajur Vedam:XII.117 

(meaning):" The adorable Lord is present in all His
loving regions. He has been our sole reliance in 
the past , and so will He be in future .He shines forth 
alone as a soverign Lord." 

The Supermcay , Omnipotence , Aadharathvam and Omnipresence of
the Lord is saluted here.

*****   ******  *******

The scholarly monograph on "Phiosophy and Theistic Mysticism 
of the Alvaars " By dr.S.M.S. Chari is an excellent source 
book to understand the Tamil Marai aspect of AzhwAr's
aruLiccheyalkaLs. Prof.Chari analyses the Ubhaya vedAntham
aspects under the six broad headings :

1.Doctrine of Ultimatate reality (Para Tattvam)
2.Doctrine of God ( Isvara)
3.Doctrine of the Individual Self( Jiva)
4.Doctrine of Sadhana( means to a goal)
5.Doctrine of Sureme Goal( Parama PurushArtham)
6.Theistic Mysticism 

Excellent cross links to VedAntham and Tamil Marai 
are woven in this monograph. 

After completing the life and works of Thirumangai
in the next post as the last item on the coverage of 
inputs for the AzhwAr CD ROM , adiyEn will come back to
further contributions on the links between
AzhwAr AruLiccheyalgals echoing the profound
doctrines covered  by Vedam and VedAntham (Upanishads).

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam ,
Daasan , Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchari SatakOpan    



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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