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Re: SandyAvandanam Timing

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 08:37:00 PST wrote:

> 1.  I'm using
> to get the Sun Rise / Set Timings. Is this timings okay?

Use of the local time at the place of one's physical presence is
the most appropriate thing to do, IMHO.  We have to learn to
apply the rules used to write panchAngams etc. and make them
"site-specific".  This can only be done if  local times for events
like sunrise/sunset and grahaNams are known accurately.  It is
flawed reasoning to think that we can blindly follow almanacs
written for a particular place in India.  We (in other parts of the
planet than India) are certainly not waking up at sunrise I.S.T.

> If, Let's say, the Sun Rise it at 5.55a.m, do I start the "Arghyam"
> at 5.54a.m ? Is that the right way ? What would be for Sun Set ? Say,
> if it's 5.55p.m, do I start 5.54p.m or 5.56p.m ? If I offer "Arghyam"
> at the specified time, do I still do "Prayachita Arghyam" ?

This is a very difficult question.  I don't know of any pramANas
that will tell you to be so microscopic.  While in sampradAyam
we divide the day into nAdikas (of the order of a few hours long)
based on astronomical calculation, there is no stipulation about
the lesser count of minutes (or nimishas as we might call them).
Perhaps learned members of this group might wish to elaborate
on any pramANams which situplate calculation of minutes.  If so,
how was it done prior to the existence of mechanical timekeeping
devices?  This leads back to an earlier query I had posted on this
list.  It is difficult for me to imagine Alavandhar or Emberumanar
(as examples of poorvacharyas one millennium ago) counting the
"minutes" upto sunrise and beyond, in order to perform their
nitya karmas.  Whatever "devices" they may have had then, we
certainly don't have them anymore.

> 3. If I have a Urgent work to be performed in the Sayam "Sandhi"
> period, do I do Sayam Sandhi before (say 3 or 4p.m) or after in the
> Night (9 - 10 p.m) or do "Manasika Sandhi"?

I am not aware of any kAlAteetha dOsham for sAyam sandhyA in
the above context (of having missed sunset by some minutes/hours);
perhaps others might.  There had been earlier discussion about how
to perform a "missed" sandhyAvandanam; I recall Sri. Vijayaraghavan
quoting from Sri. Navalpakkam Swami to indicate that we could
recite "poorvEdyuH" prior to every sankalpam - in addition to the
kAlAteetha dOsha prAyishchitArtham.  If you are performing sAyam
sandhyA the next morning (for instance), then you would face north,
using poorvedyuh and prayaschitartham for the previous evening's
missed sandhyA.  One always faces sooryan during upasthAnam
without exception, be it east or west.

> 4. Ahobila Madam Published "Sandyavandanam" Book says, for Sayam
> Sandhi, face east upto "Argya Pradanam" and the west Afterwords.
> If the Sun is in the West, why do I offer "Arghyam" facing East?

This concept of eastward arghyam is new to me - if indeed it has been
recommended by Sri matham then I much also adopt that practice.  I
hope to find clarification on this from others' responses.  However, Sri.
Parthasarathi Dileepan quoted Sri. Vaduvoor swami of Ahobila muth
as having stated that when perumAL sannidhis are present at the time
and place of one's sandhyA, one must always face perumAL regardless
of which direction sooryan is - for, given one sooryan versus a million
sooryas, the choice is easy!!

-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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