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Re: SandyAvandanam Timing

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:56:26 PST

Shrimate Ramanujaya Namaha

Dear Shri Varadarajan:

Once Navalpakkam Swamigal was mentioning that our ShAstrAs were developed 
for a rural-setting and not for someone living in a multi-storeyed building 
located in a urban city.  They were written primarily for India.  The 
question is really - how best we can adopt our ShAstrAs to the local 
conditions.  For example - Will the Sandhya timings apply to someone staying 
near the north/south pole, where somedays during the year the sun never sets 
or rises.  Are we to combine all sandhyas together.  Other examples are:  
(1) Can we use stainless steel for cooking  (2) Can we use city water (3) 
Can we use gas cooking range for cooking  (4) Can we walk on carpets from 
achAram's stand-point. (5) Can we use dining-table (6) Can we self-serve 
food with left hand etc. etc.

The basic intentions of these rules are (1) Discipline & regularity (2) 
Cleanliness and (3) Sincerity.  I think our ShAstrAs were written with this 
broad frame-work in mind.  When you adapt any of our Sastraic rules to our 
local conditions, it should be measured with the above yard-stick.  However, 
if we are in India we should follow the dictums of shAstrAs to the best 
extent possible.

Now coming back to your question:  The rule for arghyam is 
(Sooryanaik-)kAnAmal KOnAmal kandu kodu.  The sun rise is necessary for 
Pratha: upasthAnam.  Similarly, you must sight the stars for sAyam 
upasthAnam.  Personally, I follow 6am and 6pm  for prathas sandhya and sayam 
sandhya respectively.

Someone can come up with a question: Can we follow the Indian Panchangam for 
sun rise and sun set, just like some of us do for determining ekAdasi thithy 


Tirumalai NallAn Chakravarthy Vijayaraghavan
Buffalo, NY

>Subject: SandyAvandanam Timing
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 02:02:26 -0000
>I've few questions regarding the timing of doing SandyAvandanam.
>1.  I'm using
>to get the Sun Rise / Set Timings. Is this timings okay ?
>2. The SUN Rise / Set Time varies every-day. According to Sri.Mukkur
>LashkmiNarasimhachariyar(In his 2nd part of "KuraiOnrumIllai"), says
>we should wait with "Arghyam" for the SUN to Rise (after doing
>Achamanam, Pranayamam etc.).
>If, Let's say, the Sun Rise it at 5.55a.m, do I start the "Arghyam"
>at 5.54a.m ? Is that the right way ? What would be for Sun Set ? Say,
>if it's 5.55p.m, do I start 5.54p.m or 5.56p.m ? If I offer "Arghyam"
>at the specified time, do I still do "Prayachita Arghyam" ?
>3. If I have a Urgent work to be performed in the Sayam "Sandhi"
>period, do I do Sayam Sandhi before (say 3 or 4p.m) or after in the
>Night (9 - 10 p.m) or do "Manasika Sandhi"?
>4. Ahobila Madam Published "Sandyavandanam" Book says, for Sayam
>Sandhi, fast east upto "Argya Pradanam" and the west Afterwords.
>If the Sun is in the West, why do I offer "Arghyam" facing East?
>Sorry for the Long post. After all these endeavors now I felt how
>Important it is to have an "Acharya".
>Thanks a Lot,
>Gopinath Varadharajan
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