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Qualities of a Srivaishnava

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 08:04:17 PST

Srimad Venkata lakshmana Yativaraya Namah.
Om namo venkatesaya.

SrImadantArya mahAguravE namah.

akhilAtma guNAvAsam ajnAna timirApaham
ASritAnAm suSaraNam vandEnanArya dESikam

I salute SrI anantAchArya (an incarnation of Sesha), the abode of all good qualities (just like Seshachalam is the abode of Venkatesa), a good shelter for those who seek refuge in him - Lord SrInivAsa

Dear Bhagavatotamas,


One of the sishyas of SrI parASara bhattar asks him as to what qualities a Srivaishnava should possess. Sri Bhattar refers him to SrI ananthALwAn. the disciple goes to Thirumalai and serves Alwan for six months. Alwan does not pay much attention to him. Also in the tadIyArAdhanam, Alwan always asks Bhattar's disciple to sit in the last. Bhattar's
disciple never gets annoyed and is always obedient. Then Alwan thinks that this person is of pure heart and he can teach him what he wants to know.

Alwan tells Bhattar's disciple that a Srivaishnava should be like crane, hen, salt and this person. He asks him to go back to Srirangam and ask his guruji Bhattar to explain him what he (Alwan) means by saying this. 

 rest in next mail.


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