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Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 00:12:43 PST

Dear All,

1.  Uttama Sishya lakshana.

2.  Who are called Bhagavathas?  Any difference
between bhaktas and bhagavathas?

3.  We do Padha Pooja to bhagavathas, acharyas and
take that water as prasadham.  Any important reason
for this?

4.  Lord has taken many avatharams apart from famous
dasavatharam.  Can anyone tell me all his avatharams
and the reason to take that.  Why was Balarama
(adhiseshan's avatharam) included in dasavatharam

5.  What is Sakshatkaram?  

6.  Who were the twelve persons recognised RAMA as

7.  What is Maya?  Vishnumaya?  any difference.

raji sridhar.

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