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Teliyatha marai NilangaL Teigindrome-11

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 02:48:37 PST

      Srimate SrivanSatakopa Sri Vedanta Desika
Yatindra Maha Desikaya Nama :
   Teliyatha Marai NilangaL Teligindrome-11

The Narayanopanishad continues cataloguing Paramatma's
attributes in the sixth mantra.
 "tadEva ritam tadu satyam aahu: tadEva Brahma paramam
 All-knowing sages and seers declare that the Brahman
(established in the earlier mantras to be the Supreme
Cause of the Universe ) is indeed ritam, satyam and
the Ultimate Reality or Parabrahmam.
 Before we explore the purport of this mantra, a
sidelight on the Veda PurushA's humility- 
 We have observed, in the works of all poorvAchAryAs
and other great seers, that whenever they lay down a
principle or dictum, they invariably cite a "pramANA"
or  textual authority therefor.  And, more often than
not, the pramANA so quoted is the Sruti, which is the
ultimate in pramANAs ("vEdAt shAstram param nAsti"says
Sri VyAsa).
  However, the Sruti itself, ultimate as it is, quotes
sages whenever it says something  especially 
significant. The phrase "Brahma vAdinO vadanti"
(Knowers of Brahman say thus)
occurs at innumerable places throughout the Vedas, be
it the samhita part or the aaraNyakA.  Perhaps this is
 the Sruti's way of emphasizing BhAgawata Seshatvam?
Coming back to the purport of the mantra-the first
"Ritam" is interpreted in different ways-as moral or
spiritual laws or the universal order, and Satyam as
individual or social truthfulness ..These twin
words,which occur inseperably in several  vEdic
passages,(' Ritam Satyam Param Bahma', "Ritamcha
swAdhyAya pravachanEcha, Satyamcha swAdhyAya
pravachanEcha", Ritamcha SatyamchAbheeddhAt" etc.)
have also been defined as Right Thought and Right
Here are Kurugur Nambi's words-
"PAlengO nAngu vEda payanengO, samaya needi
noolengO"etc.   Emperuman's satyatvam finds its echo
in Tiruvaimozhi thus "meyyanAgum virumbi tozhuvArkku
ellAm", "tana meyyarkku meyyanE" etc. He is the Truth
and He is also true to His word,(RaMo dvir
nAbhibhAshatE").   In Her rasAnubhavam,
Choodikkoduttha Nachiar disagrees with the
popular,vedic perception of Emperuman's rijutvam or
aarjavam, and donning the role of a jilted  gOpi,
calls Him "ElA poigaL uraippAn", "purampOl uLLum
kariyAn" etc. However, these are only  the words of a
disappointed lady love, who promptly changes Her
opinion, once He favours Her with His attentions.
     The next part of the mantra declares that the
entity described above is verily the Ultimate Reality
or Parabrahma, contemplated by Seers-" tadEva Brahma
paramam kaveenAm". Here are Sri Nammazhwar's
"kalakkam illA nal tava munivar karaikandor
"vizhumiya munivar vizhungum kannal kani"
"mAmunivar irainja nindra sEvadi"
"munikkaNangal virumbum tiruvengatthanE"etc.

   to be continued-dasan,sadagopan.

Srimate Sri LakshmiNrsimha divya paduka sevaka
SrivanSatakopa Sri Narayana Yatindra Maha Desikaya

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