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SandyAvandanam Timing
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 18:02:26 PST

Dear All,

My Pranams to Everyone. This is my first post although I'm Listening 
to this list for more than two years. Thanks for the Bhakti-list and 
the wonderful Archives (took me around 2 years !, and still only 
could complete 80% !) 

My full name is Veravanallur Madabhushi Gopinath Varadharajan. I'm in 
NJ and originally from AnnaNagar, Chennai.

In one of the posts Sri M.S.HARI in 
the "Visistadvaita_Shree_Vaishnava_Shree" Group wonderfully explained 
the Importants of tri-kAla-SandyAvandanam. 

I've few questions regarding the timing of doing SandyAvandanam. 

1.  I'm using
to get the Sun Rise / Set Timings. Is this timings okay ? 

2. The SUN Rise / Set Time varies every-day. According to Sri.Mukkur 
LashkmiNarasimhachariyar(In his 2nd part of "KuraiOnrumIllai"), says 
we should wait with "Arghyam" for the SUN to Rise (after doing 
Achamanam, Pranayamam etc.). 
If, Let's say, the Sun Rise it at 5.55a.m, do I start the "Arghyam" 
at 5.54a.m ? Is that the right way ? What would be for Sun Set ? Say, 
if it's 5.55p.m, do I start 5.54p.m or 5.56p.m ? If I offer "Arghyam" 
at the specified time, do I still do "Prayachita Arghyam" ?

3. If I have a Urgent work to be performed in the Sayam "Sandhi" 
period, do I do Sayam Sandhi before (say 3 or 4p.m) or after in the 
Night (9 - 10 p.m) or do "Manasika Sandhi"?

4. Ahobila Madam Published "Sandyavandanam" Book says, for Sayam 
Sandhi, fast east upto "Argya Pradanam" and the west Afterwords. 
If the Sun is in the West, why do I offer "Arghyam" facing East?

Sorry for the Long post. After all these endeavors now I felt how 
Important it is to have an "Acharya". 

Thanks a Lot,


Gopinath Varadharajan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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