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Gentlemen-Its our turn to help!!

From: asuri asuri (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 16:06:02 PST

Appeal From President Sri R. Keshavachar of  SreeVaishnava Sangha 
(Vishnuchitta Vidyarathi Nilaya (hostel))

Objectives of SreeVaishnavaSangha :

To uplift rural Srivaishnavas who are economically, educationally, socially
and traditionally weak(mainly from Archakas Families)  , to spread
Srivaishnavism in the society.

Activities of Sree Vaishnava Sangha :

Vishnuchitta Vidyarathi Nilaya (hostel) was started in 1989 for
poor-brilliant srivaishnava boys. This hostel provides these srivaishnava
boys free lodging and boarding facilities for studying in pre-university
courses, degree and technical courses, besides giving lessons in
AGAMA/Sanskrit, Vedas, Tiruvaimuli, Divya prabandham and other srivaishnava
scriptures. Sandhyavandanum is compulsory for the students. The Sangha and
its students celebrate Thirunakshatryams of Alwars and Acharyas and conduct
CAR festivals.

For poor Srivaishnava boys who are not into studies (about 12 students
currently), there is a Agama Patashala where students are taught to perform
Vaidika Karmas, Agamas, Pancharathragama to help  srivaishnava society.

Started with 8 students in 1989, the demand has risen at a steady pace and
now there are around 40-50 srivaishnava students from rural areas.

As phase-1 was construction was found insufficient, phase 2 was constructed
with 10 living rooms, dining hall and kitchen, now the hostel accommodates
around 45 students 32 are studying post metric courses and 4 are studying BE

The expenditure   was Rs 3500 a month has risen to Rs 18,000 due to the
increase in the number of students, its therefore necessary to provide the
hostel  funds upto Rs20,000 every month. The Sangha has CORPUS funds of 4
lakhs which is yielding Rs 3500 per month, however its become necessary to
have a CORPUS funds of 15-20 Laks to derive 20,000 monthly.Please visit this
hostel when in bangalore.

The Sangha deserves all the help (Financial, physical, Material(old books,
Clothes….) it can be given.

There are several ways of contributing.

1) Donate in mutliples of Rs5000  to Annadana Shaswatha Nidhi
(Food will be provided to students one day every year in the name of such
donor after performing Thiurvaradhana in their name.On such days donors are
invited to have lunch at the hostel.)

2)Charitable Institution  can sponsor students at Rs 1000 per student per

Checks may be drawn in favour of SREEVAISHNAVA SANGHA.
6th cross, 5th main HAL-2-3rd stage

(Located opposite to Manipal Hospital in airport road bangalore )
President: Sri R. Keshavachar
Secreatary: Sri GopalaKrishna, Sri Sadagopan

Phone:5360815 , 5307288, 5262029

This appeal will appear on in the following months,
however does not take any responsibility in collecting or
distributing funds/reciepts, If you need to contribute please contact Sri R..
Keshavachar of (SreeVaishnavaSangha in Bangalore). will be celebrating 50,000 hit to its web site very
soon, stay tuned for more info.


.........................................................     why wouldn't you? 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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