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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No 10

From: K.Sampathkumar (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 01:15:40 PST

Subject: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No 10 

In Srivaikuntam

Adishesha : Lord  unless you give them  a hint as to how to go about,  the  issue  will remain  as it is  and in all probability  deteriorate.

Lord Narayana: When I am hearing the case how do you expect  me to take sides.

Narada Muni enters.Narada Muni.: In all your Avatars  Lord,You have helped ,the glaring example being when You helped Bhima  in his fight against  Duryodana.You justified your action by saying You are the protector  of Dharma and so on and so forth.

Periapiratiar:For a change  I tend to  agree to what Narada  says

Lord Narayana :I dont deny what you say.If you have noticed,I help people  without any hesistation if they surrender to Me.I am not getting the same feeling now.Any way let us see .

Periapiratiar:  Lord ,I cannot be firm in my approach and I may be permitted to accompany you  for the case.

Lord Arrives and with the Pirattiar in the Thirumarbhu  the hall  doubly  shines

Lord:  Pl proceed with you submissions.

Adiyen: Lord in my  last submissions I was trying to  prove  the srivaishnavites are in  a hopless  minority.Imagine Lord ,financially also  they are not as strong  as others.

Piratiar,(in the ears of Lord: I have been giving bountiful , where does all that money and rich go. Lord to Piratiar;I told you , dont disturb me during the hearings.Just listen and we will discuss when we get back to  our abode}

Adiyen : Lord You seem to be saying something can I continue.


Adiyen:Lord there is a saying that the leg which is injured  gets hurt again and again.Same way the wealth adds to the person who has more wealth.We are all happy that the Thiruvengadam Temple  is the richest temple in this universe.All go to this temple  pour their wealth. and continue to do so and Periapirattiar is only  in the Thirumarbhu at Venkatam and there is no seperate sannadhi for Her in Thiruvengadam and there is a seperate sannadhi only in Thiruchannur.In all the other Divya desams we have seperate sannadhi for Periapirattiar  and wonder why they are not as rich as Venkata Nivasam.Have  we made any mistake in having a seperate Sannadhi for Pirattiar my Lord.Emperumanar had established seventy four simhadipathis.We require just one hand to count them.There are Jeer Swamis.Just one or two  can claim to be they are financially  sound.Especially for one Jeer Swami  the Thirunakshathra collections alone crossed a core of rupees.All were extremly happy .Lord in a lighter vain may I be permitted to say is it because Jeer Swamis Aaradhana Moorthy  has  the  inseperable Pirattiar  with Him and the Goddess ensures Lakshmi Kadaksham .

Lord ;Dont try to cast aspersions  on Me or Pirattiar.We have ensured for enough wealth  for  all of you.If you people dont know how to tap it or ensure it flows to you We are not be blamed.The wealth is there and still you are not able to  use it and  I pity you.

Pirattiar in the ears of Lord.  I cant resist  speaking to you.I work beyond my normal time to generate so much of wealth and Kubera confirms he sent all that to  Booloka.Why then this complaint my Lord.I think I should evolve a system for equitable distribution.  Lord to Pirattiar  : Thaye , why are  getting emotionally involved.Why talk about wealth alone Thaye, I have given  a number of good things and it is availabe in plenty and  pl dont get annoyed,they are  valuable than  the mere wealth.It is for the Mannidars to  grab the good things and add to thier wealth.But see what is happening.They are grabbing  all bad things.Ofcourse they want to grab the wealth given by you also.  Pirattiar to Lord;     If you are going to tease me my Lord,  let me not give any wealth to any one.    Lord to Pirattiar :   I surrender and pl dont do any of those  and I will be held responsible for this.

Adiyen:  My Lord today I notice  you have been talking to  yourself can we also listen and enjoy

Lord Narayana; Somehow or other the case gets deviated on every hearing.Stick to your arguments and pl  proceed.

Adiyen: Lord , today, money talks  and what ever may be the good intentions ,without the money  power  people have resigned to their fate.Today majority of the srivaishnavites have been marginalised  because they are not able to match the money which other  groups have.Lord I donot know how far it is true but a learned and a devout srivaishnavite is forced to compromise on his srivaishnava principles because he has to  ensure his family lives and that too barely. This applies to all other srvaishnavites as well. Lord, at times it appears You are so cruel towards these true srivaishnavites .Have mercy on them and help them.

Lord  Again and again  you are trying to blame Me.You can see for yourself  of the wealth alround.You have to put efforts.It is like river water flowing for irrigation.If you are complacent and lethargic and un concerned, the neighbour  of your land is the beneficiary  and you cant blame Me why he has bountiful of Crop and you have a barren field.

Adiyen:The third point for my arguments   my Lord  is srivaishnavites have been marginalised becuse  they are not united  and to put it bluntly ,they behave like frogs in a well.I can qoute innumerable instances where becuse of thier disunity they have been overrun.

Lord Narayana;  Watch your word.All the srivaishnavites may join and throw you out.Any other point you have.

Adiyen : I have a feeling you are in hurry to go back.I assure you   I will conclude  in my next hearing otherwise Lord,You may give your verdict.

Jaya Lakshmi Narayana,Om Namo Narayana,........ evrey one chants

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya samapth.

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