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Chilkoor BrahmOtsavam

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 11:40:34 PST

About 30 Km away from the city of Hyderabad lies the picturesque
village of Chilkoor, along the banks of Gandipet Lake.  This
ancient town is the abode of Sri Rajyalakshmi samEtha Srinivasa.
The temple is a 500 year old Svayambhu kshEtram, and includes
sannidhis for AzhwArs, emperumAnAr, and Swamy Vedanta Desikan.
Srinivasan appears here with 4 arms and ubhAya nAcciyAr in a
single sila.  The temple has been run for the past 500 years by
devout Ahobila Mutham sishyas, and continues to be visited to
this day by yatis and learned scholars.

This year, the temple will be celebrating BrahmOtsavam from April
3 through April 10, 2001.  The schedule of events include:

April 3:
AM: selver koothu
PM: ankurArpanam

April 4:
AM: dwajArohanam,
PM: sEsha vAhanam

April 5:
AM: gopa vAhanam
PM: hanumantha vAhanam

April 6:
AM: surya prabha
PM: garuda vAhanam and kalyAnOtsavam

April 7:
AM: vasanthOtsavam
PM: gaja vAhanam

April 8:
AM: pallaki sEvai
PM: rathOtsavam

April 9:
AM: mahAbhishEkam, AsthAna sEvai
PM: ashwavAhanam, doopa sEvai, and pushpAnjali

April 10:
AM: chakrateertham
PM: dwajAvarohanam, and dwAdasAradhanam

All devotees in the Hyderabad area and those of you who may be
visiting Hyderabad are highly encouraged to visit this ancient
and holy temple and perform sEvai to Sri Rajyalakshmi samEtha
Srinivasan and receive the Blessings of the Lord.  Regular buses
(288D) to the what is known locally as the Deval Venkatapur
Temple will be leaving from Mehdipatnam in the morning at 7:15 AM
and at 3:15 PM in the afternoon.  For more information, please
contact C S Gopalakrishnan in the Padmarao Nagar Colony in
Secunderabad: 40 7500797.

On a personal note, I am happy to share that we here in Denver
are blessed to have Sri Chilkoor Sudarshan as part of our
bhAgavatha gOshti.  Sri Sudarshan is the son of Sri
Gopalakrishnan, who serves along with his father, U. Ve. Sri C.
M. Srinivasa Raghavachariar, and Sri. M. V. Soundara Rajan (Sri
Gopalakrishnan's brother) as heriditary trustees of the temple.

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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