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81st Birthday celebrations of HH PoundarIkapuram Andavan : Tributes from the Four Veda samhithais

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 19:52:51 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

adiyEn prepared this note as salutation for 
HH Prakrutham PaRavAkkOttai Andavan's
SathAbhishEkam , which falls on March 30, 2001.

The Veda PaarAyanam , Sadas will start as of 
March 24 and culminate on March 30. Many sishyAs
and AbhimAnis of the various electronic lists are
already at Srirangam to take part in this MahOthsavam .

adiyEn thought it will be good to release this 
Chathur Veda Vandhanam (salutations) to HH PoundarIkapuram
Andavan as the celebrations commence today .

Daasan ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri satakOpan  


NamO NaarAyaNaa

Dear SishyAs and AbhimAnis of HH PoundarIkapuram Andavan : 

On this day , it is adiyen's bhAgyam to release
an article that I was invited to submit for 
the Souvenir of this memorable occasion by 
the Committee organizing the celebrations 
at Srirangam.

adiyEn's AchAryan , HH Srimath Azhagiya Singar 
along with other great Yathis of Sri VaishNavite 
SampradhAyam will be participating in this MahOthsavam.  

It is adiyEn's humble tribute to a great 
Sri VaishNavite AchAryan on this special
occasion .

May this great AchAryan shower on us all
His blessings and continue to be a shining 
light on the hill for many , many years to come.

DaasOham ,
Srimath Azhagiya Singar Thiruvadi,
Oppiliappan Koil/PoundarIkapuram V.SatakOpan 

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Satakopan

Adiyen has ancestral links to the village of
Poundarikapuram and it is my bhagyam to offer my
humble salutations to one of the most revered Acharyans
of our time in Swamy Desika Sampradhayam , HH Paravakottai
Andavan of Poundarikapuram Aasramam. 

Adiyen's grandfather and great grandfather hail 
from Poundarikapuram village and have served as 
Bruhaspathis for the family of the First Poundarikapuram 
Andavan during the first four decades of the Twentieth century. 
My father was a twenty three year old young man , when 
the renovation and consecration of Lord Oppiliappan's temple 
took place under the supervision of HH Poundarikapuram 
Andavan. The year was 1928 and the Hastha-Sparsam of 
HH the PoundarIkapuram Andavan has resulted in the growth of 
Oppiliappan Koil (Thiruvinnagar) as one of the greatest
prarthanaa  sthalams among the 108 dhivya desams .The SvarNa
Kavacham for the Uthsavar dhivya dampathis presented by
HH POundarikapuram Andavan then is worn by Them on all days of
the year except JyEshtAbhishEkam day . That is how close
HH Poundarikapuram Andavan is to the Dhivya Dampathis of
Thiruvinnagar. My father,Vaikunta Vaasi Poundarikapuram 
Bruhaspathi Varadachar Swamy has mentioned about this 
auspicious event a few times to me .It is adiyen's
privelege to offer salutations through "Sudar mihu Sruthi"
manthrams to HH Prakrutham Poundarikapuram Andavan , 
U.Ve. Paravakkottai Gopala MahaDesikan during the occasion of 
the celebration of his 81st Thirunakshathram at Srirangam .

Vedam , Achaaram and Sadaachaaryan
Vedam is nithya-nirdhosha-pramana-sreshtam.The inner meaning
of Vedam establishes that Sriman Naarayanan is the indweller
(antharyami ) of all Devathaas  and He is the sarva-karma
samaaraadhyan .He alone has the power to grant us Moksha 
Siddhi , when we seek refuge at the sacred feet of His
Sadaachaaryans . 

These most merciful Achaaryaas remove  our rajo-tamo 
gunams arising from our prakruthi sambhandham through 
their upadesams for us to observe unfailingly nithya-naimitthika
aachaarams ;their intercession removes our paapams , grows 
our bhakthi and ultimately assures us of Moksham through 
Saranaagathi at their sacred feet . 

Their own observance of the highest level of aachaaram 
to qulaify them as Sadaachaaryans is referred to by 
Swamy Desikan in his well known definition of a true Achaaryan:
" aachinothi hi saasthraarthaan aachaare sthapayithyapi, 
svayam aacharathe yasmaath , tasmaath Achaarya uchyathe".
HH Paravakkottai Andavan and asmath Achaaryan , HH Sri Naarayana 
Yathindhra Mahaa Desikan of Ahobila Jeeyar paramparai 
are two such stalwart Achaaryaas ,who maintain the highest 
level of Achaaram as exemplary Sadaachaaryaas. They are utterly 
uncompromising in their practise of Achaaram and their 
insistence that their sishyaas inculcate such a discipline 
in their lives, is exemplary. All of their efforts are totally 
rooted in the Vedic precepts handed to them by their respective 
Achaarya Paramparais reaching all the way up to the Dhivya 
Dampathis. Adiyen prays to the kula dhaivam of Poundarika Puram 
(Founding) Andavan , Sri Bhumi Devi Sametha Sri Thiruvinnagarappan 
for many blessed years of life to HH Paravakkottai Andavan 
to shower his dayaa on his sishyaas and abhimaanis . 

Vedic Prayers on the occasion of the Sathaabhishekam
adiyen will start the Vedic prayers from my own saakhaa,
Yajussaakhaa, and offer two manthrams as prayers:

(1)" May life succeed through kaimkaryam to the Lord 
and His ordained Achaaryans (aayuryaj~ena kalpathaam--) !
May life-breath thrive through their union! May the eye 
thrive through the kaimakryam to the Lord and His Achaaryans!
May the ear thrive through kaimkaryam to the (Omnipotent) Lord
and His (most merciful) Achaaryans! May the voice thrive 
through the service to the Lord and His Acharyans! 

May the mind thrive through the kaimkaryam to the Lord 
and His Achaaryans! May the jeevan thrive through 
the kaimkaryam to the (soverign)Lord and His Achaaryans!
May the knower of the four vedaas thrive through 
the kaimkaryam to the (Omniscient ) Lord and His
Achaaryans! May the light of justice (Jyothi) thrive
through the kaimkaryam to the (Self-Luminous) Lord and
His Achaaryans! May happiness thrive through the kaimkaryam
to the Lord and His Achaaryans! May passion for knowledge 
be satisfied through study (of Vedam and Sri Sookthis)! 
May desirable deed be peformed through sadaachaaram! 
May the Atharva Veda , the Yajur Veda ,the Rig Veda and 
the Saama Veda and its Brihath , Rathantra, thrive through 
the grace of the Lord and His Achaaryans!

O Acchaaryaas! May we be freed from the pangs of birth and
death ! May we attain the happiness of final beautitude !
May we become the true progeny of the Lord! May we be yoked to 
noble deeds and truthful(Vedic) speech!"--Yajur Vedam:XVIII.29

(2)TejOsi tEjo mayi dEhi ! Veeryamasi veeryam dEhi !
   Bhalamasi Bhalam dEhi! ---sahOsi sahO mayi dEhi!

(Meaning):Oh Lord(Achaaryan)! Thou art lustre;give me lustre!
Oh (Omnipotent ) Lord(Achaaryan)! Thou art manly vigour ; 
give me manly vigour! Thou art strength; give me strength! 
Thou art vitality;give me vitality! Thou art righteous 
indignation;give me the righteous indignation! Thou art
forbearance ;give me forbearance!..Yajur Vedam:XIX.9 

Saama Vedic Prayer to Achaaryan
(1)SA PUNAANA UPA SOORE DHADHAANA --Uttaraarchika Saaman:1358
(Meaning):" The learned person (Achaaryan) , purifying
himself , and concentrating on the Lord through profound
divine meditation , fills both the literate and the illeterate 
with the glow of learning , and discloses various sorts of
knowledge . The pure and noble desires of a learned person
(Achaaryan) are meant to guard us against fears and 
obstacles.May He (Achaaryan) grant us His daasans ,
the excellent wealth of spiritual knowledge .

Vaibhavam of Achaaryan (Rg Vedam)
(1)yEthE sameebhi:susamee ---X.28.12
(Meaning): " Such are the Godly men (Achaaryans), sanctified by
sacred ceremonies , as have fostered their mind and body with
holy prayers.In the language of man, they ask for food (Jn~Anam)
and surely , they acquire name and fame in celestial regions
(nithya Kaimkaryam at Parama Padham)".

(2)akshEthravith kshEthravidhaam---X.32.7 
(Meaning):" One who knows not the true path inquires from
One (Achaaryan), who knows it;and directed by that skillful 
guide , he (the mumukshu) travels onward; this is ,in truth,
the blessing of instructions gotten from Achaaryan and 
thereby one finds the straight path that leads directly 
forward (to purushaartha kaashtai)".

Atharva Vedam and Achaaryan
KrishNam niyAnam Haraya: SuparNA 
apO vasAnA dhivamuthpathanthi I
tamm aavavruthranthsadhnAdhrutasyAdheedha
gruthEna pruthiveem vyUadhu: II
--Atharva Vedam :Canto IX.Hymn X.22

(Meaning):The radiant learned souls (AchAryans),
adorned by dhivya Jn~Anam and virtuous AchAram go to 
the Lord , their highest shelter (abode), and reunite
with their Lord for nithya kaimkaryam and paripoorNa
BrahmAnubhavam. After enjoying the pleasures of 
nithya Sooris , they return at His niyamanam from 
Parama Padham ,the abode of Satyam and Rutham (as AchAryA 
incarnations) to uplift the inhabitants of the earth 
with resplendent knowledge (once again)."

HH ParavAkkOttai GopAla MahA Desikan adorning currently
the noble AchArya Peetam of PoundarIkapuram Aasramam is
one such radiant , learned soul , who is illuminating our
path and showering His limitless DayA on us . All of our
collective prayer to the Dhivya Dampathis is  just
" InnumOr NooRRANdirum ". 

Jayathi YathirAja Sookthi: Jayathi Mukhundhasya PadhukAyugaLee
TadhubhayadhanAs thrivEdhim avandhyayanthO Jayanthi bhuvi SANTHA:

Azhagiya Singar Thiruvadi ,
DhanyOsmi ,Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   





           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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