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Please accept dAsan's dandavat namaskarams

From: shrinath mk (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 06:52:43 PST

Sri rangapriya mahadeShikaya nama:
Srimathe nigamantha mahadeShikaya nama:
Srimad lakShmaNa yogine nama:
Srimathe lakShminarasimha parabrahmaNe nama:

Dearest bhagavatothamas,
Adiyen is called Shrinath MK. Please accept dAsan's
dandavat namaskarams. This dAsan with family had the
mahabhagyam of being among Singapore Bhagavatas and
enjoyed the brilliance of Bhagavatas like Sri madhava
kaNNan, Sri hari, Srimathi PraveeNa Anand  and many
many others. this Bhakti list has successfully created
an uncontrollable urge to taste more and more of our
rich SrivaishNava samprayadayam, thanks to superb
writings of great bhagavatas like Sri maNi
varadarajan, Sri KrishNa kaLale, Sri Anbil Ramaswami,
Sri Sudarshan parthasarathi..... this key board can
fail, the list of such great Bhagavatas is endless.
adiyens humbly requests to be allowed to near the
lotus feet of all you bhagavatas.
Adiyen Sri ramanuja dAsan,
Shrinath MK

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