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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No 9

From: K.Sampathkumar (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 09:15:03 PST

Subject: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No 9 

"Om Namo Narayana","Jaya Jaya Narayana","Om Namo Narayana " every one chants as Lord Narayana enters.

Lord Narayana:I have already heard G.M. 1  and G.M. 2.It is your turn and you can proceed.

Adiyen: When I filed the case  I didnot realise the magnitude  and its implications my Lord.I see scores and scores of  learned srivaishnavas around me.I am a minute  dust before them.Lord talking about dust can I  narrate an incident.One day someone asked Krishna " all of us pray to God and  whom do you pray".It seems Krishna took him to the Pooja room where he  had kept  a sandlwood box.First he opend the box  and the person eagerly looked into it and there  was another small box in it.Krishna opened this  box and the person was surprised to see another box.This went on  and finally  Krishna had in His hand a very small box.He opened it and the  person could not see any Vigraham.He said, Krishna, I am not able to see anything inside and it looks empty.Krishna said, look carefully  and dont you see some small particles.The person with great difficulty could see some  dust particles.He said ,Krishna I see only dust particles, where is the Vigraha Moorthy.Krishna threw a smile and said ,my dear friend , the dust you are seeing is my God.  Preplexed he said, Krishna dont joke ,tell me the truth.Krishna said,Dont for ever think these are all some dust  these are all the Pada thuli of by Bhakthas and Bhaghavathas and I do pooja to this daily.
Lord ,honestly I venerate the Pada Thuli of these learned  srivaishnavas and to me they are sacred than learning  scripture.I  hear people saying  I am an Iyengar  or I am a srivaishnavite and I am proud to be so.   ..etc   Lord in this cycle of birth and death  the ultimate birth is to be born as a srivaishnavite.It is only few steps  he has to take and  he is  in Your company. My  Lord Narayana, on Vaikuntha Ekadesi day ,outside the temples  people sell  Ladder and Snake game.They use a dice for moving up the chart. children who reach Vaikunta feel happy and   three steps before the Vaikuntam , the big snake is ready to swallow and  tha majority  get swallowed  by rolling the dice wrongly.It is exactly happening to most of us my Lord.I am not sure whether the snake and ladder game was invented as reminder to all of us and it is pity that  most of us are not able to make up the last three  squares and we  fall thro the  mouth of the snake.My friend next to me is prompting that it is the fate of the  person in not rolling the dice properly and it is his fate to go thro the mouth of the snake.Lord what a way to reason it out.It is Emperumanar who has taken all the effort to  ensure we reach  the last three squares.How much effort  he has taken to take us  up these far and up.Just three more squares,a mere three more squares and only if all of us could follow the Darsanam  we are safe to land in Your  territory my Lord.See the irony of it 
Lord Narayana;  Let me be clear.You wanted to argue  :Are we being marginalised" thereby meaning whether srivaishnavas are being marginalised.Are you trying to say srivaishnavas themselves are the cause for thier marginalisation or they are being marginalised by others?

Adiyen: Lord,I am grateful for giving me the que.Lord it is the combination of these factors which clearly establishes that srivaishnavas are being marginalised.

Lord Narayana:Then proceed with the submissions.

Adiyen:Lord  let me recap the submissions put forth by my friend G.M.2 who argued for  tha majority of the Hindus other than srivaishnavites.He has openly declared, being in majority he decides on what is to be done for the Hindus as a whole and not fully concerned with what srivasihnavas desire to do.The sheer majority is in his favour .Lord one point which I desire to highlight is  they may not have animosity towards  srivaishnavas  but all the same  their actions  are towards  neutralisation and specifically towards marginalisation.Secondly they are tempting all to  follow the  path they have designed which patently appears to be easy and without any restrictions.Lord my worry is events are taking  at much faster  pace .

Lord Narayana.Let me stop at this today.But I want you to be brief and conclude by next hearing.I have to give my verdict  before Panguni Uthiram.Case adjourned

All chant  OM namo Narayana  ,Om Namo Narayana......

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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