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Divya Prabandham & Stothram Classes over Telephone Bridge
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 13:58:59 PST

Dear Bhaagavathaas,

We take the pleasure in announcing that Sri Raamaanujaa Mission is 
doing an earnest Kainkaryam with the objective of encouraging each 
one of us, especially kids, in knowing & reciting the great works of 
our Aazhwaars and Aachaaryaas, through Tele-Stothram & Prabhandham 
classes. This kainkaryam is organized every saturday through the 
Telephone Bridge, with no bridge cost to the bhakthaas. We request 
all bhaagavathaas to take part in this Tele-Stothram and Prabandham 
classes and also encourage our kids to participate in this and get 
the blessings of Aazhwaars and our Aachaaryaas. The class is being 
taught in a traditional santhai manner.

We also take this opportunity to announce with immense happiness that 
as a result of the above kainkaryam in the last 3 months, 
bhaagavathaas and our lovable kids who participated in the first 
round of this classes have successfuly completed the  Thiruppallaandu 
& Thiruppalliezhuchi Reciting  Lessons in Divya Prabandham & 
Sudarshanaashtakam in Desika Sthothram. Hayagreeva Stothram is about 
to be completed in the coming weeks. Sri Raamaanujaa Mission is also 
planning to make these lessons available online in the future as 
being taught during the classes so that,  bhaagavathaas and kids who 
miss these classes can learn it online too.

With all your support and participation, we have planned to expand the
scope to teach the entire Nithyaanusandhaanams (Recitation done evry 
day as a part of our daily anushtaanams and practices) along with 
other SriVaishnava Sampradaic Saatrumurais. Some of the highlights 
from the works of Aazhwaars that we have planned so far are as 
follows :-

1. Amalanaadhi Piraan
2. Kanniun Sirudhaambu
3. Neeraattam
4. Vaazhi Thirunaamam
5. Koil Thiruvaaimozhi
6. Aachaarya Thaniyans

Much more will be added depending on the requirements of the
participating bhagavathaas and kids. Sri Raamaanujaa Mission Inc., 
welcomes you all for this Tele-Stothram Classes to be held this week.

Pl. find below the details of the Tele Stothram & Prabandham classes 
to be held this week. Please take a momemnt to register for the 
stothram classes in the web site at

*  *************************************************************  *


We request the pleasure of your presence for the Telestothram &
Prabhandham Classes on this Saturday between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. The
dial in details are as follows :-

Number :- 1-512-225-3000
Passcode :-  23423

Agenda :-

Prabhandham :-

1. Thiruppallaandu    (Full as Ghoshti Recitation) 
2. Thiruppalliezhuchi (First 4 verses as a Ghoshti Recitations rest  
   of the verses in Thiruppalliezhuchi as a usual practice method)

Stothram   :-

1. Hayagreeva Stothram (Ghosthi 1-15, rest practice) 
2. Sudarshanaashtakam  (Ghosthi)

Adiyen Naaraayana Daasan
For Sri Raamaanujaa Mission

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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