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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No. 8.

From: K.Sampathkumar (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 08:51:57 PST

Subject: Emperumanar  Darsanam   Are we being marginalised   Mail No. 8.

Periapiratiar:    Swamin ,you look disturbed and lost in something.I hope it is not  about Emperumanar Darsanam .
Lord Narayana;   Priapiratiare,You are the most benevolent and kind hearted  towards human beings. See,it is going to be  One thousand years  since Emperumanar  was born in booloka.In a period of little over one hundred years,Udayavar  firmly established the vishishtadvaita.This philosophy  is the only philosophy  which will sustain and Emperumanar took great pains and,effort  to spread this  among all by breaking the traditional  teaching and learning from one person to another..His concern was for the society in large and not confined to single person.
Periapiratiar:  My Lord ,Udayavar had such a compassion towards  all Srivaishnava s he taught to treat all srivaishnava s equally..He fully practised  what he preached.

Lord Narayana:    Thousand years, a long period  and see  the progress.By this time Srivaishnavism  should have engulfed the entire universe.Emperumanar made the philosophy  straight and simple  so that any one can easily follow.To develop Bhakthi and therafter to  surrender totally to LOrd was what he  said in simple terms.He wanted to ensure no one is left behind  irrespective of  the varna in which he is born.

Periapiratiar:   Lord ,I understand Your concern.In spite of laying down a simple method, if this is the situation after  thousand years,I shudder to think of what will happen within next few hundred years.He travelled the length and breadth of this Land  Bharatha Kanda.He walked thro mountains,rivers,plains and forest all by foot.That was the only way for communication.He tirlesly  worked ,worked and worked.It was against all odds,oppostion and resistence.In this great effort he was ably assisted by  Koorathalwan,the Pavithram  and Mudaliyandan  the Thandam and Padhuka of Emperumanar.The day Koorathalwan lost his eyes to save Emperumanar,  was the supreme sacrifice one could do, and that day I wept and wept.I could have saved this  but allowed it  so that  the followers of Emperumnar should understand what sacrifice means.Mudaliyandan  for his part was a great administrator and the administration of Srirangam temple was  under him for a long time.
Lord Narayana:  I am sure you must have also  enjoyed when Emperumanar with  thousands and thousands of  his followers used to  walk round the Srirangam Temple.daily.

Piratiar:  You did not allow me to continue.Lord  I had to mention about Kidambi Achan and also the great mullar  Pillai Urangavili Dasar. There were so many others   who assisted Udayavar .All of them did it with utmost dedication .On temple administration, Udayavar  ensured for participation by all sect s of the society.Ramanujar was a religious leader ,a great philosopher  and a successful administrator.I wonder  why  his teachings canot be followed.Lord permit me to say,the grand empire Eithrajar bulit is covered with  mist I presume and not by dust.Lord you are listening as if I  am telling a story.What are going to do.

Lord Narayana; The case has entered the final stages  and the final submission on "whether Srivaishnavism has been marginalised " is to come for hearing shortly.

Piratiar: Lord there is a correction.I was under the impression that the case was  about :"are we being marginalised" meaning whether srivaishnavites are being marginalised  and  not  :whether Srivaishnavism itself being marginalised.

 Lord Narayana: Piratiare you really came to my rescue.Even then how do you expect me to comment  either on srivaishnavism or on srivaishnavites.

Periapiratiar;After hearing the case  for so long now you cannot  take this stand. Lord, what ever you say should be for the good of  srivaishnavism and srivaishnavites.
Narada Muni enters
Narada Muni: Lord,you can not resolve this with out my assistance.I will give a wonderful idea  for you to come out this predicament.
Lord Narayana:What is  that.
Narada Muni:Lord this case has been intiated by a fellow  who is not all conversant with any aspect of srivaishnavism.For the sake of publicity he has filed this case and has wasted every ones time.Simply dismiss it  saying he does not have locus standi.No one is concerned about this case  and it will have a natural  end.

Piratiar:  Lord, please do not fall into the trap of Narada.Time has  come for mid course correction.if any  and for rejuvenating it.How you will do it I will not know my Lord.
Lord Narayana: Let us hear  the final submissions and take action thereafter.

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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