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ahimsa, hatred

Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 07:39:54 PST

Dear All,

1. "Ahimsa, Dwesha, hatred, et.etc." I was explaining
to my son (10years) about ahimsa and all the good
qualities a human should have and the bad qualities
like hatred, etc. one should avoid.  He asked me a
a.  If a wild animal or snake comes in front of me
then should I not kill that animal?  If I kill then am
I against ahimsa dharma?  WIll God punish me for that?
If I don't kill then I will be killed. Will God accept
me for my foolish act?
b. When we spray Bagygon, etc. many ants, small
insects die.  Does this act not against the dharma
(adwesha)?  If we are to protect ourselves from this,
then are we not being selfish?

2.  I was telling the dasavatharam stories.  In that
Vamana avatharam Lord comes as a short man asking for
3 feet land but after getting the dhanam he  becomes
big and got the two logams and kept the last feet on
mahabali's head.  Is God not cheating his bhakta?

I am sorry to put these unusual questions here but can
anyone explain me how to handle this situation and how
I can answer my son?

raji sridhar

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