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Re: The issue at Srirangam
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 23:36:15 PST

dear bhaktas,
I happened to read an article in latest issue of the weekly
magazine,Kalki.In this, the report says that 'Prasnam' was seen  for
Srirangam temple recently with the help of a group from kerala.The
thiruppani committee, some Govt. officials, local Srivaishnavas, and some
Koil archakas were present during 'Prasnam'.
It seems that facts about the' Past' was  accurate; and some defects in the
present pooja procedures and administration in the temple were pointed out
!It was also suggested that all improvements or corrections should be done
according to the Agama shastra of the temple.
Is it possible to predict like this in the case of temples also?
What is a 'PRASNAM'anyway?
Smt. R.Kalyani,

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> Dear bhaktas
> I think it is time we all refrain from pointing finger at either the
> govt or the sthapathy for the turn of events at Srirangam. Instead
> we should consider this as a wakeup call for all of us.
> It is true that the crisis has been averted. In fact, some the
> archakas at the temple have made subtle requests for some sort of
> education on the history of Srirangam. Please be aware that many
> archakas these days are part time and may not have the time and
> resource to know all aspects of the tradition. There may be some who
> know the history of Srivaishnavam and some who do not. Those who know
> the history have taken it upon themselves to educate the rest on the
> rich tradition. Jeeyars of almost all mathams (both kalais), Sri
> Velukkudi Krishnan, Sri M. A. Venkatakrishnan are among many who have
> taken up this task by organizing lectures at various Divya Desams, by
> organizing the Yati Sammelanam and help prop up the lives of archakas
> who have dedicated their lives to temple service and service to Lord
> Narayana.
> It has been determined that any issues that arise in future would be
> resolved by the Yati Sammelanam (in cluding any and all issues
> involving Vishnu temple related matters), and same has been proposed
> to the Govt of Tamil Nadu.
> For those who are outside India, the best option is to financially
> support all such above mentioned initiatives and more important is to
> motivate all relatives back in India to get involved.
> Adiyen
> Venkatesh Elayavalli
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