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Greatness of asmadaachaarayan H.H Paravakottai Srimad Gopala Desh ika Maha Deshikan

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 08:00:55 PST

Hare Ranga !!!
Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!

Dear All,

It is indeed our parama bhagyam that we are celebrating the Shathabhishekam
of our dear Acharyar H.H Srimad gopala Deshika Maha Deshikar. During
adiyEn's previous visit to Arangam for the masa thirunakshatram of H.H, one
of the upanyAsakar's spoke very beautifully on the greatness of our acharya.
An excerpt of the same is presented below. Please overlook all flaws as
adiyEn will not be able to reproduce it with the same rasa-anubhavam.

Scientific analogy -

	The upanyAsakar quoted a reference from Bharadhwajar's text and said
that Sri Bharadhwajar refers to a particular light (oLi-kadir) named
'Rohini' and even assigns a particular number to it. It's importance emerges
from the fact that this light when beamed, was capable of letting others
know the constituents of distant 'vimAnams' and other flying objects.

So, the three important things here are -
The light 'RohiNi'
The objects - vimAnam
The intelligence - constituents of these objects

He then drew a parallel to complete the analogy.
He continued saying that the (oLi-kadir) light 'Rohini' is none other than
our revered acharyan "Sri Gopal Deshika Maha Deshikar" born on the day of
Now comes the best part. The vimanam is nothing other than "PraNavAkAra
vimAnam" beneath which the Lord of Lords Sri Ranganatha reclines on the
serpant Adi ShEsha. 
The intelligence is nothing but the 'tatvams'. 

Summary -

The light 'Rohini' - "Acharya"
The vimAnam - "PraNavAkAra vimAnam"
The intelligence - "Tatva, Hita, PurushArtha"

That is, even from a distance, our revered acharyan whose 'divya jnAnam' is
as powerful as a beam of 'RohiNi', penetrates through the 'praNavAkAra
vimAnam' and lets us all know the 'tatva', 'hita' and 'purushArthams' in
store for us inside it.

Such is the greatness of this great acharya of ours, abhinava VasiShTar -
Sri Gopala Deshika Maha Deshikar.

The third CD-ROM featuring the vyAkhyAnam rendered by H.H on the first three
paddhati-s of "Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram" is scheduled to be presented
to H.H during the thirunakshatram celebrations. The fisrt two included
"Yatiraja Sapthathi" and "Gopala Vimshati". 

yERRi manatthu yezhil jnAna viLakkai iruLanaitthum-
mARRinavarkku oru kaimmARu mAyanum kANagillAn
pORRiugappathum pundhiyiR koLvadhum, pongupugazh-
sARRivaLarppathum saRRallavOmunnam peRRadhaRkkE.

Swamy Deshikan ThiruvadigaLE SharaNam

vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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