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Re: OmkAra vimAnam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 08:21:51 PST

At 07:27 PM 3/19/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Dear Satakopan
>Your interpretation is interesting.
>However, I would like to share a view expressed by 
a scholar some 25 years back.

>Even physically, the garbhagruham is in a shape of the letter "OM" -
>written not in devanagari but in grantha script.... You will first 
have a semi-circular background and a straight long front portion. 

Dear Sriman Santhanam:

Thanks very much for your note.
There is indeed an enormous symbolism backed up 
by Vaasthu Saasthram in construction of
the PraNavAkAra VimAnam .

The great experts in Silpa Saasthram believe that
"Temple is not merely a Home of God , but a Form of 
God as well". They practise their craft under the credo:

" PrasAdham PURUSHAM mathvaa poojayEth manthra vitthama:"

(meaning ): Temple building (Vimaanam et al) is an 
embodied Energy .

This is the essence of Vaasthu Saasthram .
>From the Sthupam to the basement of the VimAnam ,
these scholars in Silpa Saasthram match the limbs 
of the Lord . 

The VimAnam is made up of the following parts from
kalasam/SthUpi to the foundation in a descending oder:

**Stupi(Hair Lock of the Lord)

**Sikharam (Mukham )

**netram /side features of Shikaram( Eyes&Face )

**Galam /connection of Sikaram to Prastaram(Neck)

**Prastaram ( Shouder of the Lord)

**Padha Vargam ( Arms  Navel and down to the thighs)

**AdhishtAnam (Knee Cap)

**Upapeetam (Foot of the Lord/Thiruvadi)

Thus , all features/aspects of the VimAnam 
from Finial to Basement/Foundation of the sacred
Vimanams are accounted for .

The shape of the VimAnams , PraNavAkruthi , Gaja prushta
Vimaanams and others take this basic shilpa Saasthram rules 
into account.These VimAnams are Temples of Space Science
as pointed out by none other than the famous Sthapathi,
Sri Vai.GaNapathi Sthapathi involved with the recent
Srirangam SamprOkshaNam .The Temple , its VimAnam
are vast explorations of Vaasthu purusha maNdalam
(VasthurEva Vaasthu).The "vibrant stillness" of
these VimAnams and their sanctity is ancient.

There are similar aspects to the construction &Consecration 
of the ArchA Moorthy that is beyond the scope of this note.

Coming back to the shape of the Sriranga VimAnam and 
its kinship to Pranava Aakruthi, You are correct in
Your observation. When One combines the VimAnam at
Srirangam and the Munn MaNtapam , then alone , we can see
the form of the Tamil letter " O " to link the shape
to PraNavam .This is a Valampuri or Valam Suzhi 
VimAnam like the trunk of an elephant. It is also
understood as the blossoming and protrusion of the 
combined essence of "Oli" ( primordial Sound ) 
and "oLi" (Svayam JyOthi of the Lord )taking 
the shape of PraNavAkAra VimAnam.That is where 
we hear the dhivya Naadhams of His sanchAram with 
His Paadhukais (Swamy NammAzhwAr ).

The whole Garbha Graham with its extension ( Munn MaNTapam )
has to be taken into account to visualize the Tamil letter,
" O " , which is formed from a symmetrical ellipse with
extended legs on its incomplete sides.

"ParamANurithi prOktham YogiNAm dhrushti ghOcahram"

Such is indeed the greatnes of the PraNavAkAra 
VimAnam that is casting its rejuvenating shade both
at Srirangam and at Pomona , NY.

Under this Sacred and ancient VimAnam rests our 
Lord of Lords , Sri RanganAthA saluted by Swamy
Desikan in the first slOkam of Sri Bhagavath DhyAna 

"anthar jyOthi: kimapi yaminAm  anjanam yOgadhrushtE:
 chinthA rathnam Sulabhamiha na: Siddhi MokshAnuroopam
 DhinAnATa vysanasamanam DhaivathaanAm 
 dhivyam chakshu: SruthiparishadhAm dhrusyathE RangamadhyE"

(Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan Swamy):It is a unique
effulgence that Yogis alone can mentally experience 
the vision of ! It is the magic colyrium that brings 
a thing perceptible to the ocular vision as well !
It is the veritable ChithAmaNi (gem )that can grant one 
wants, at once and easily; be it mundane wish or other-
worldly enjoyment; It is capable of eradicating the grief
of the poor and helpless ;It is the God of all Gods ! It 
can be called the eyes of the vedAs in their legion! 
What is IT ? It is the Lord(RanganAtha) you can see in 
the heart of Srirangam shrine (under the praNavAkAra VimAnam) !

SrimathE RanganAyaki SamEtha Sri RanganAtha SwaminE Nama:
Jayathu Jayathu Sri ranganAtha: !
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan     



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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