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Story of Maha Lakshmi and Jaya Vijaya-s

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 06:34:47 PST

I want to thank Shreenivaas Vijamuri for his response on Mahalakshmi 
( now that he has discovered that he  is my brother-in-law - I dare 
to disagree with him!) Malolan Cadambi and lakshmikumar for referring 
me to Shree Vedanta Deshika-s answers to related questions of these 

Like all scientific investigations answer to any question will lead 
to more questions and more funds needed for investigations etc.

The answers are informative and educational but raised lot more 
questions as well.  I did not know that Lakshmi was born to Bhrugu 
before - I presume this is the same Bhrugu of the tittiriiya 
upanishad-  Bhrugu valli -who was the student of VaruNa, his father -

Interestingly Lord says in Giita in Vibhuuti yoga - maharishhiiNaam 
bhR^iguH aham - I am BhR^igu maharshii among all the mahaa rushiis.

In another story -  Shree Venkateswara descendence to the Earth as 
Sriinivasa - there is a story circulated where Bhrugu goes to Brahma 
loka, VaikunTa and Kailasa to find out who is the most compassionate 
Lord among the Trinity - and ended up kicking Lord Vishnu on the 
chest for which Lakshmi gets annoyed for kicking her own abode.  I 
get puzzled about someone cursing Lord NaaraayaNa who is very abode 
of everything - May be this is all his Leela - In that case being 
leela, no other explanation is required or valid.

VaikunTa loka is different from VaikunTa - interesting information. 
In terms of loka-s - seven above and seven below - I heard satyaloka 
or Brahmaloka where saatvik guNa is predominant - First time hearing 
about VikunTa loka different from VaikunTa - a mirror image of 
VaikunTa!- Why mirror image though?

I want to thank all the respondees and for the reference provided.

Hari Om!
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