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Sankha-Chakra of Venkatesa

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 08:51:40 PST

Srimad Venkata Lakshmana Yativaraya Namah.
Om namO vEnkatESAya

SrimadanantArya mahAguravE namah.

SrImad rAmAnujAchArya SrI padAmbhOruha dvayam
saduttamAnga sandhAryam anantAryamaham bhajE

I worship SrI ananthALwAn, the sacred lotus feet of SrI rAmAnujAchArya, whose lotus feet in turn, are to adorn the heads of the pious. - Lord SrInivAsa

Interestingly, the SrI SatAri in SrI bhAshyakAra sannidhi on Thirumala hill, is known as ananthALwAn, which is known as dASarathi everywhere else.

Dear Sriman Raji Sridhar,

here are some excerpts from the argument and counter-argument between Saivas and Bhagavad BhAshyakAra, as recorded by SrI anantArya.

vAmana purANa - 22nd chapter:

After the SrI sudarSana of Lord krushNa burns kASI into ashes, Siva likes it very much and prays to Him to gift the discus to him. krishna refuses to do this and tells Siva that divine Mother Lakshmi, Chakra, SArnga, Kaustubha maNi and Garuda are nitya siddha vastus meant for His eternal enjoyment and are not to be given to anyone else. 

perumal's paratvam is knwon by paratattva chihnas i.e. Sankha and Chakra, just like the imprints of the lotus feet of divine Mother on His chest.

Such a great Perumal, gives away His Sankha and Chakra to protect His devotee Thondaman.

 Brahma PurANa - 7th chapter:

according to this version, Thondaman himself prays to perumal not to hold Sankha and Chakra in His hands, to show to the world how generous He is and He agrees to it.

BrahmANda purANa- 11 th chapter:

according to this purana, He gives all His five weapons to Thondaman and refuses to take them back. He further says that he will accept the Sankha and Chakra made and offered to Him by His devotees in future.

Obviously these two incidents must have occurred in diff kalpas and they tell us He goes to any extent to protect His devotees.

BhagavdrAmAnuja further quotes from SrI vEnkatESa sahasranAma stotra, which says:

mrugayAkshINa sannAhah SankharAjanya tushtidah

wherein the second name says He made SankkharAja (Thondaman) happy (by defeating his enemies).

Now, let us also see the meaning of the first name "mrugayAkshINa sannAhah" which means he is always ready for hunting with great zeal. Why? must be to protect His devotees who had to travel thru dense forest in those days to see Him.


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