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Re: Consciousness in the state of moksha

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 22:05:57 PST

Dear Members,

Sri Sadananda wrote:
 "....How did jiiva-s get into that state of avidya - if avidya is not their
intrinsic nature....."

Let me attempt an explanation here, based on my limited understanding.

avidya is not the intrinsic nature of jIva, because jIva is the substrate of
knowledge, with knowledge as the key attribute. jIvas are eternal,
self-luminous, spiritual entities that retain their individuality always.

The bondage occurs when jIva is associated with a sarIra - the "birth" of a
being, due to past karmA (good and bad or pApa and punyA).

Through bhakti yoga, we receive Sriman nArayanA's grace that helps to
overcome the karmic consequences. Hence, upon "death" a blessed jIva attains
mOksham after shedding the physical body (sarIra), thereby beginning a new
"life" of service to the Lord - which is jIva's default or real nature.

Due to God's grace, in mOksa, a jIva can summon past associations when
required, yet remain unaffected by the same. Why would a jIva in such a
blissful state need to remember its past? Perhaps, the past will serve to
appreciate the state of mOksa more!

As I understand it now, the basic or intrinsic nature of a jIva is that by
way of self-knowledge a jIva recognizes that it is distinct from Brahman or
God even though it closely related to and is part of Brahman/God.

It is said that, Sri Ramanuja vaguely refers to two states of jIva: kaivalya
and mOksa. Kaivalya is said to be a transient state of aloofness where the
jIva realizes its position with respect to God. It is in mOksa, a jIva
regains true enlightenment regarding the sesa-sesi relationship with Sriman

Would appreciate if fellow bhaktAs can correct me.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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