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Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised mail no.7.

From: K.Sampathkumar (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 08:24:59 PST

In Vaikuntam  Lord Narayana  is seated   along with Sripiratiar on Adishesha .
L:ord  beckons  Emperumanar to come near Him.

Lord Narayana:  Emperumanare  are you seeing what is happening in bhooloka ?
Adishesha:  Swamy did you call me.
Lord Narayana: Adishesha I want to see the swaroopam of Udayavar and go down the memory lane to cherish and relish those Golden Days.For a moment  I forgot  every thing remembering  Emperumanar.
Adishesha; As you order my Lord. and transforms  into  Emperumanar and stands before the Lord.
Emperumanar:  Lord,what are you referring to.
Sripiratiar:  Lord,how do you expect him to answer.The Golden Day was the Pangunni Uthiram Day  at Srirangam.  My Lord  and I cherish and lovingly remember this Great day when you with your abundance bhakthi  and complete surrender to  His Lord. totally bound us and made us speechless.While  it was but natural for me not able to control my emotion with your pleadings, I was astonished at first, but later felt elated , when the Supreme Lord  Himself  could not control His emotion towards your pleadings.  Emperumanare,you didnot plead for  salvation for you alone but pleaded in your  Gadyatrayam   for emancipation  of human beings from this human bondage.If it was for you alone, I myself would have granted and later would have got it ratified by My Lord  . In the cycle of births and rebirths  the ultimate is to be born as a srivaishnavite.
Emperumar:  Sripiratiare,Thaye, a small glance from your Kadai Kann  was enough for me to rejuvenate myself and carry on the task.It was the most challenging and at the end very rewarding experience.
Sripiratiar;   No wonder  we are happy  to call your  Darsanam as  Emperumanar  Darsanam.It pains me,it hurts me when  people  use Darsanam for  teachings of others also.When people say  Koil it denotes Srirangam Koil, Alwar denotes Nammalwar  and Darsanam denotes only Emperumanar Darsanam.
Lord Narayana:  Piratiare  I understand your  abundance of Love towards Your children.Why I called Emperumanr near Me was to find out  how to  help these Srivaishnavites ,who according to me are totally confused.
Emperumanar:  Swamy even before hearing the final  submissions you have  come to some conclusion .
Lord Narayana:  I agree with you. In my anxiety to help the srivaishnavites  I did not want to loose time and hence I thought I will draw up some plan pending conclusion of the arguments.
Emperumanar;   Swamy  we are ever  grateful  for your concern  and merciful  act.Before you go for the next hearing  I will apply my mind  as I know fully well how these Srivaishnavites would  act and react and follow and not follow.

just then Narada Muni enters.
Narada Muni.  Lord every one seems to be so serious  Where is Adishesha?I see some other  person standing in front of you and  discussing.
Lord Narayana ;  Why dont you see properly  .We are seated only on Adishesha  and I do not know why  you are seeing  differently.

Narada Muni  wipes his eyes  and behold   Lord is seated on Adishesha..

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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