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Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail No.6.

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All are awaiting the arrival of Lord Narayana.
G.M.1  and G.M.2   to Adiyen.: Where were you for the past few days?
Adiyen: I had the bhagyam of visiting Srirangam on the eve of Maha Samprokshanam and I prayed for the welfare of  one and all. H.H.Srirangam Jeer Swami H.H.Vanamamalai Jeer Swami and Acharya Purushas and other learned srivaishnavites like Koil Vidwan Narasimhachariar Swami.DrV.V.Ramanujam Swami DrVenkatakrishnan Swami Velukkudi Krishnan Swami and a number of  other scholors  were present during  the  poornaahuthi  in the morning session and for the sathumaurai thereafter.Lord Namperumal had adorned Rathnaangi and  was with His Ubhya Nachimars.I was told only during Vaikunta Ekadesi  the Lord is with Rathna Angi but  with out the Ubhaya Nachimars.On Raapathu day the Lord is with Ubhya Nachimars but without Rathna Angi.
Before Lord enters, let me spill some beans.The Thirupani Committee had spent crores of rupees for grand  Samprokshanam  and all of us should be grateful  for this.The temple authorities had made very good arrangement for the Bhakthas.I am told ther are still some missing links among different group of Srivaishnavites.Sri Vaishnava Sri KrishnamachariSwami  and Thirumanjanam Sundararajan Swami have promised to send detailed mail on the Samprokshanam.Lastly the Advaita Acharya had also visited the temple and he was given due temple honours .He had visited the Sanctum also while work was in progress, and it was uneventful.

Lord Narayana enters the hall
Lord Narayana;  What is the matter all of you are listening  intently?
G.M.1  Lord, he was narrating his experience  of his visit to Srirangam.
Lord Narayana: Can I also tell you something.
All: Yes my Lord.
Lord Narayana:  On my way down from Vaikuntam,Lord Siva was waiting  at the entrance to Kailash to receive me.The news has reached  Lord Siva also about this case.He was  worried .Do all of you know something very very important.Lord Siva is my ardent follower We have mutual respect for each other.I told Siva not to worry unduly.Whatever form of bhakthi, it ultimately  reaches and rests with Me.So I told Him so long there is bhakthi  I will enjoy all these happenings.
Adiyen  :Lord  pardon me for saying, people have complaint against me saying that I confuse them why do You want to take that role ,My Lord.
Lord Narayana:   My child ,you have a long way to go to understand the true meaning and spirit of Our philosophy.
Can we continue with the case.G.M.2  has not completed the arguments ,let him proceed.
G.M.2.  :Lord just before You entered we were told of the visit of Advaita Acharya Swami to Srirangam temple.This clearly proves  we have all the interest in  worshipping a vishnu temple also.Lord let me list out our activities for upliftment of the society.We have a number of schools,colleges, professional colleges,veda pathasalas.We have dispensaries,hospitals and freequently arrange for special medical aid camps.We are striving hard for the upliftment of Archaka Swamis belonging to all the temples.It is sad to listen to their woes.A number of them are paid a partly sum of thirty rupees a month.At this point of time we are putting all our effort in retaining the Hindus in the fold.We are trying to take care of their basic needs which will help them to think of their religion.In this effort we dont differentiate and encourage every one to  follow our path.,G.M.1 cannot object to these activities.Like the Advaita Acharya there are  a number of other persons who are trying to keep the Hindus into the fold  We  reach the hearts of these people by extending  medical,educational and other facilities.On Samparadhaya front ,we are very very flexible.Recently we spread the message that Emperumanar sthalam at Sriperumbudur  is  to be worshipped for Raghu Kethu  Nivarthi by  performing Milk  Thirumanjanam.You see the crowd Lord.It swelled to few hundreds.The temple otherwise  is visited by  very less number of people.Revenue of the Archakas and temple raised substantially after our propagation as Raghu Kethu Nivarthi Sthalam.Immedaitely there is uproar among the followers of G.M.1  the Srivaishnavites.The same principle was adopted by us for Nava Thirupathi.We have propagated the Navathirupathi Sthalams as Navagruha Sthalams.My Lord,in the past two years alone thousands of people have visited the Navathirupathi temples.Lord my friend G.M.1 will get annoyed if I tell him that we have ensured for  a Yanthiram in the sanctum of  Lord Venkateswara for  prosperity of the temple long back and today the temple collection is the highest.We desired to do the same thing by  having a triangular Yanthiram on the thirumarbu of Lord Ranganatha  and over it have the Pirattiar .This has been objected to and we have left it  eventhough  we could have had  our way.Lord ,in the present day materialistic world ,people do not have time for  Sampradhaya matters.He wants quick solutions and  ways.We offer want he has in mind and our group is swelling.Lord ,I desire to conclude and I am prepared to clarify  on any point if  the opposite parties so desire.
Lord Narayana:The issues have been clearly addressed ,may be for different reasons.Do you people want to cross examine G.M.2. otherwise I have  an urgent  work at Vaikuntam.
Adiyen:  Lord, we will not hold you back.On the next date of hearing we will have the cross examination,if any and also  my submissions .
All continue to stand in reverence  as Lord leaves.

Adiyen to others : Did you notice thirumarbhu of the Lord and also the hurry in which He wanted to go back to Vaikuntam.I presume Sripirattiar must  have directed the Lord to come soon  as He had gone to hear the case without  Her.

Lord Siva  at the entrance of Kailash; Lord  I am eagerly waiting to hear the progress of the case.
Lord Narayana:I also feared  there will be lot of heat during the arguments.Nothing of that sort happened.Only fear is that Narada Muni should not attempt to create more confusions.
Lord Narayana leaves for His abode.

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri MUdaliyandan Swami  sampath




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