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Worship of God upwards from feet

From: Dweepa (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 04:08:39 PST

Dear All,
  I'm a new member to the group.
  I'm not too sure about the reason for the reclining posture of the God at
Srirangam and several other places.
  But as far worshiping the Lord by seeing him from feet and upwards, i
can explain.

  Recollect this story...
  Before the 'Kurushetra' war, both Pandavas and Kauravas were on a camp
seeking support from neighbouring and adjoining kingdoms. In this process,
Arjuna and Duryodhana had gone to Dwaraka to meet Lord Krishna and seek his favour during the war.
  Lord Krishna was asleep then. Duryodhana who first went to meet Him
took a seat next to his bead that was close to His head. Arjuna came in a
little later and seated himself on an 'aasan' close by the Lord's feet. So
when the Lord woke up, he first saw Arjuna and not Duryodhana. Later,
Krishna bagavaan decided to give Duryodhana the armforce of  Dwaraka whereas He was on the side of Pandavas.
   The incident illusrtates that he who is humble and modest enough to bend
in front of God with 'shraddha' and 'bhavyam' is assured of His blessings.
This, I think is the reason why one should worship the God upside from
feet onwards.
  Correct me if this is a misconceived belief.


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