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Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 02:06:58 PST

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>   Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 00:31:33 -0800 (PST)
>   From: RAJI SRIDHAR <>
>Subject: tirumala tirupathi
>Dear All,
>1.  I read from a book about venkatachala puranam
>about Thondaman chakravarthi.  It seems he faught with
>the asuras with the help of panchayudhams of Perumal
>and later he put the same in Tirumala Shetram
>according to the order by Perumal.  Later the same was
>taken by Bh.Ramanuja.  Can anybody explain me in

SrimadanantArya mahA guravE namah.

Dear Sriman Raji Sridhar,

When the King thondaman's (Sankharaja) kingdom was invaded by enemies, he comes to Srinivasa thru a secret path overnight and seeks His help. Since He is Bhaktaparatantran, Lord Srinivasa gives his Sankha and chakra to Thondaman, with the help of which the king defeats his enemies.He comes back to Lord Srinivasa and asks Him to take back His Sankha and Chakra and He refuses to do that, saying He will not take back anything once given to somebody. So the Sankha and Chakra in this particular incarnation as Srinivasa, are given away to SankharAja. Later BhagavadrAmAnuja prays to Him to accept the golden Sankha and Chakra made by him, to put an ed to all kinds of speculations abut His idenitiy. Will try to come with more details after referring to Sriman Ananthalwan's book. 

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>   Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 08:04:00 -0500
>   From: "K. Sadananda" <>
>Subject: Re:  Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam --> Part XXVI:SlOkam 17, Re: Consciousness in the state of moksha
>Enjoying the beautiful description of Shree Maha Lakshmi.
>1. My question is related to the birth of Shree Mahaa Lakshmi - How 
>is her birth accounted?  Was she not there before ksheerasaaraga 
>mathanam?  Or is there some philosophical significance for this 
>birth. - As I understand Shree is always there with NaaraayaNa. 
>Purusha suuktam says:- hRiishchate lakshmiishcha patnyau - aho raatre 
>paarshve -implies that she is there with Him all the time - This 
>birth implies  as if she was not there before the mathanam took 
>place. Any explanation and pramaaNa-s for her existence before the 
>ksheerasaaraga mathanam  and if so why she took  birth again. -On the 
>other hand,  - jaatasya hi dhruvo mR^ituH says Giita - Does she also 
>undergo cycles of birth-and-death if she is born - or does this 
>statement applies to only leela vibhuuti. What is the explanation of 
>her birth during the mathanam?

Dear Sriman Sadananda Bavagaru,


goddess Lakshmi is eternally in Lord nArAyaNa's association in paramapadam.
She took an incarnation to marry kshIrAbdhinAtha, first as Bhrugu Maharshi's daughter and then as daughter of milky ocean.

vishnu purANa says,

"BhrugOh khyAtyAm samutpannA SrIh pUrvamudadhEh punah
dEva dAnava yatnEna prasUtAmruta manthanE".

LakshmI sahasranAmam in skanda purANa says,

"khyAtijA bhArgavI dEvI dEvayOnistapasvinI", whereinthe first two names refer to Her being the daughter of Bhrugu and KhyAti.

Why did She enter milky ocean? This is because She wanted to honor the curse given by Her father Bhrugu to Lord Vishnu. Once Sudarsana chases the asuras, Bhrugu's wife being a kind-hearted woman, gives shelter to these people in her Ashram and gets killed by Sudarsana alongwith that gang. Sage Bhrugu then curses Lord Vishnu to suffer from separation from His consort and hence She goes into the ocean. this is what I read.Learned Bhagavatas can correct me.

>5. When ones goes to VaikunTa there is no return back, is it not? 
>yadgatvaa na nivartante tat dhaama paramam mama - says Giita.  Then I 
>hear about the story of Jaya and Vijaya who were guards  at the 
>vaikunTa.  Their behavior towards Sanatkumaara-s indicates that they 
>are subjected to rajo guNa even in VaikunTa - and they were cursed to 
>return back to the earth.  How do we account the triguNa-s even in 
>Divyavibhuuti - and that jiiva-s are still under their influence.  If 
>jaya and vijaya can return back then other jiiva-s can too.  But that 
>violates B.G. statement. Any clarification?

Your other questions are above my head. What i heard from learned members of the list is, Jaya Vijaya episode took place in Ksheerabdi which is also called Vaikuntam but is in the material world.


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