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Sri Ranganatha and Mangalagiri.

From: Gopi Krishna (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 01:33:44 PST

Dear Sriman,

Pranams and Love to You All.

I have a doubt, which I request you, the enlightened members of this bakthi group, to clear and explain.

I was told that the reclining posture of Lord Ranganatha has some significance or reason. Why is He in reclining posture? What does indicate? Why can't we see Him in one glance or sight? I was told tht first one should start seeing  Him from feet upwards? Is it so? If so, why? Usually we do not see other Gods like this, as most of them are either standing or sitting postures. Why it is not so in Sri Rangam?

As Sri Vishnu has rightly pointed Mangalagiri is on the route from Vijayawada to Guntur. It is hardly half an hour journey either from Vijayawada or Guntur. For every five minutes one will get a bus from either of the places.

There are mainly two temples, one is in the Mangalagiri town and the other on the hill. Both the temples are of Lord Nrisimha Swamy. In the temple on the hill, it is the practice to offer "Paanakam" or Jaggery (vellam or bellam) water as Naivedyam (offering) to the Lord by the Devotees. The priest pours a vessel-full of Jaggery Water as Naivedyam into Lord's mouth and the Lord accepts half of it and the other half comes out of the mouth as Prasadam for the devotee.

Love and regards


Subject: Re:Mangalagiri

Mangalagiri can be reached easily from Vijayawada and is on the way to Guntur. This punniya kshestram is one of the five Nrusimha kshetrams that lie alongside the Krishanveni river. The other four are VedAdri, Mattapally, Vadapally and Kethavaram. 

Vadapalli is on the bank of Godavari in E.G.Dist and Lord is Venkateswara. Please correct me if there is another Vadapalli on the bank of Krishna.


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