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tirumala tirupathi

Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 00:31:33 PST

Dear All,

1.  I read from a book about venkatachala puranam
about Thondaman chakravarthi.  It seems he faught with
the asuras with the help of panchayudhams of Perumal
and later he put the same in Tirumala Shetram
according to the order by Perumal.  Later the same was
taken by Bh.Ramanuja.  Can anybody explain me in

2.  When I went to India last time, I saw in Kamakshi 
Amman koil a divya desam perumal and there was one
board also.  Could anyone tell me how divya desam
perumal in Amman Koil?  Is that Perumal divya desam
perumal?  If not, what has happened to that divya
desam;  Where is the actual divya desam perumal?

raji sridhar


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