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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised ? Mail 4.

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Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 08:14:46 PST

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Subject: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised ? Mail 4.

Visvaksenar:  Silence,silence ,silence.
Lord  Sriman Narayana enters and occupies the  seat on Adishesha.
All prostrate and Lord Narayana throws a benevolent smile.
Lord Narayana:Good every one is on time ,can we proceed further?
Gentleman 2.Lord I desire to cross examine  Gentlman  1  first.
Lord Narayana:Pl go ahead.
G.M.2 to G.m1. I do not dispute on any of the facts in your submissions,but I require certain clarifications.Let us take any one of the prominent temples.Can you say what will be the percentage of  Srivaishnavas who visit these temples  vis a vis others?
G.M.1  May be 25 to 30 percent.
G.M.2 Eventhough this is an exaggerated figure, for arguments sake I will accept.Now among the 25 percent of Srivaishnavas  how many come with swaroopam when they pay their respects to Lord.
G.M.1 I do not understand what you mean by swaroopam?
G.M.2I know you know what it means still you want to check on me. It means sporting of Thiruman Kappu atleast on forehead,wearing panchakachan or atleast with barebody.This for arguments sake I consider as swaroopam.Now tell me how many visit the temples in this swaroopam?
G.M.1 May be 10 percent.
G,M,2.Again this is not at all a realistic figure.You can verify for yourself Lord  it cannot be more than one percent and that too if you include all the Archaka Swamis and Adyhapakkas in this figure.Can G.M.1 tell me what prevents other Srivaishnavas to come in swaroopam to temples?
G.M.1The question is not relevant my Lord .
Lord Narayana: If you do not want to answer dont answer.Pl proceed further.
G.M.2 to G.M.1.Can you tell  for every 100 rupees received what will be the contribution from Srivaishnavas ?
Gm.1. Again it may be 20 to 30 percent.If only you people had not misused the property of the temples ,the income from these properties would suffice for maintenance of the temples.Why are you asking these questions?
G.M.2;Lord I wanted to prove from their own admission that it is just 10to 20 percent of Srivaishnavites who visit templesand of this just only one percent come in their swaroopam and finally the temples are surviving because of the income from large percentage of Hindus and not from Srivaishnavites.This fact is required for me to  justify why we want a bigger say which I will submit when my turn comes.On misuse of the temple funds and properties my Lord you know in how many temples the temple Archaka Swamis and Sthalathar who are supposed to be devout Srivaishnavas have worked hand in glove with others and therefore the blame has to be apportioned among all and a big slice should go to your representatives.Lord eventhough I am inclined to ask more questions on sampradhayam that is being followed by the so called srivaishnavites I do not desire to embarass my friend  and I conclude my cross examination.
Lord Narayana; Now you can cross examine if you so desire.
Adiyen:Taking que from my friend G.M.2 can G.M.1 tell me how many  percentage of Srivaishnavites visit  other temples?
G.M.1 I do not know.
Adiyen to G.M.1.Are you aware how many born srivaishnavites follow  other than Ramanuja philosophy?
G.M.1 I do not know.
Adiyen to G.M.1 Can you tell me what will be the percentage of srivaishnavites who know fully or even partly the teachings of Ramanuja,or putting it  Emperumanar Darsanam?
G.M.1 Why,why, yes I presume  a good number.How do you expect every one know fully.It is there among you people also. or for that matter I am not sure whether you yourself knows fully.
Adiyen: I am glad the truth is comming out slowly.I want to suggest to G.M.1 that all the activities which G.M.1 listed out are being followed only by  the same set of srivaishnavites.Let me elobrate.If the Asthika samajam hall is full with three hundred or four hundred for a upanyasam on srivaishnava topic,.I suggest it is the same three hundred or four hundred who attend the upanyasam at other place.
G.M.1 I leave it to your own prresumptions and assumptions.
Lord Narayana:I suggest  both of you make your submissions rather than spending time on cross examination.
Adjourned for another day for submissions by G.M.2.
Lord Narayana rises and every one chants Om Namo Narayana:

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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