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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail 5

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Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 05:52:45 PST

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Subject: Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail 5

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Subject: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail 5

sage Narada Muni enters Vaikuntam.
Narada Muni.:Lord Narayana you are getting ready to go somewhere,may I know, so that I can also accompany you?
Lord Narayana:Last two sittings petioner was late and I dont want to be late myself.
Narada:Still you have not told where you are going my Lord.
Lord Narayana:Some Ariveeli had filed a case.At first, I thought I will dismiss it and not waste my time.But when the subject matter was with regard to Emperumanar Darsanam and Srivaishnavites ,Sripirattiar made me agree to  decide on the case.Even otherwise I had all the desire to listen to the case.
Narada:Narayana why waste your time .You know what is happening alround.In Kaliyuga it is bound to happen  and  faster it happens  you can  take the Kaliyuga Avatar and we all will be blessed to witness the Avatar.
Lord Narayana.:Now I know what you are up to.I have not lost hope on this maanidar and I have to give an helping hand to all  who desire follow the path.Narada, leave me alone and I will keep you informed  on conclusion of the case.
Piratiar;My Lord can I accompany you and see for my self  whether  any other person can  get into the sacred footsteps of Emperumanar.
Lord Narayana:Emperumanar was Emperumanar and I am not sure whether any one can match anywhere near his  Darsanam.Yes,there are one or two who can be flag bearers of Emperumanar Darsanam.Time  only will tell.When you come with me  I will give you the usual place in my chest and you have to watch the proceedings without disturbing.
Piratiar;My Lord,why all these instructions.I will quietly sit in your Thirumarbu but dont cover it with your  Peetambaram,otherwise I will not be able witness the case.

Om Namo Narayana ,Om Namo Narayana
Lord enters and  Adishesha  Makes a big seat  knowing Piratiar is also with the Lord.
Every one prostrate  and no one gets up.
Lord Narayana:I am pleased by your reverence ,pl get up.
All in one chorus "We refuse to get  till You promise You will always have Piratiar in Your Thirumarbu"
Piratiar: (quietly in the ears of Lord)See my Lord their unflinching faith .Can I give an assurance on your behalf?
Lord Narayana:I told you to be a silent spectator,You yourself will know how long this will continue.
Lord Narayana ;Yester day  G.M.1 had concluded ,let G.M.2 commence his submissions.
G.M.2 Lord I represent the group of Hindus who are not Srivaishnaviters.The group consists of Advaities,other followers.Lord can I tell you a secret, a substantial number of Srivaishnavites are  with us.Lord it is an indisputable fact that  today I represent 80  percent of the total Hindu population.Naturally it follows whether it is Govt or Temple authorities they have to  listen to us to decide on various issues pertaining to Hindu Religion as a whole.What I feel is acceptable to my group I will  see it is followed by one and all.
Adiyen:My Lord he is threatening and showing his muscle power and financial power.Why cant he confine with  the philosophy he desires to follow and why interfere in our activities.
Lord Narayana;Why are you agitated.Let him continue.
G.M.2.Narayana  what ever I am telling is hard facts and truth.It may not be palatable but we will proceed with our grand design.Lord let me continue.In the beginning it self we made it very clear we pray to Lord Vishnu also.We have sannadhi in all our temples for Lord Vishnu.Bhakthas are so happy to pray to Lord Ganesh,Lord Muruga,Ambal and Lord Vishnu also.To attract bhakthas we have to have all the sannadhis.Lord, pardon me for saying,it is like getting into a jewellery shop.People can buy diamonds,rubbies,gold, silver etc.He can buy artificial jewellery also.Depending on his buying capacity and also his liking, he choses his jewellery.Same way my Lord our temples are  like a jewellery shop.You have to appreciate  our effort for dev;oping bhakthi otherwise these  are bound to change the religion.Lord the other parties in front of me have not still understood why more and more people visit our temples.We talk little of sampradayam and niyamam.We are extremly flexible in our approach and that is one of the reason more and more srvaishnavites  visit our temples,  display portraits of our Lords in their houses as well etc.
G.M.1 Lord, these submissions portray rank arrogance and You have to restrain him

Sripiratiar (in the years of Lord) Lord  I did not come here to listen to these.I thought people will praise you and show their abundance bhakthi and I came prepared to grant boon and bless them.
Lord Narayana:I did not want to discourage you when you wanted to come with me.If you are not happy to listen I will leave you back in Srivaikuntam and come back.The submissions are hotting up and G.M.2 is likely place before me other happenings as well  about srivaishnavites, which may not be to your liking.
Sripiratiar.;Lord I do not want to change my opinion about Srivaishnavites.Emperumanar has taught them what they should do.I cant imagine of Emperumanars followers  not following his foot step.I pray you leave me in Srivaikuntam.
Lord Narayana rises from His seat. when Sage Narada enters.
Narada:Lord I was looking for you  and finally when I find you here you are leaving.
Lord Narayana.Good you were not here otherwise sparks would have been flying here.
Visvaksenar:Next date for hearing will be intimated in due course.Pl look out for the cause title daily.

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Shishya sampath.

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