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For those interested , I would like to present this write up about Vaisnavaite temples in Karnataka .

Karnataka has about 600 odd temples following the southern Vaisnavaite tradition..
both Pancharatra and Vaikhanasa ..
none come under the divyadesam list , possibly because the Alwars lived and composed between the 6th and 9 th centuries , whereas most of the above temples were built from the 9th century onwards.

A lot of them follow the Hoysala style of architecture built between the 10 th and the 14th centuries by the hoysalas . most others have the traditional dravidian style .

of the 600 odd temples about 60 odd may be considered  of special interest wrt size , fame , importance , popularity , art , architecture, religoius importance etc .

of the 60 , about  half a dozen , ie aprrox 1% of the total are well known .
these are Melukote , Udupi , Srirangapatna, Belur ,Somnatpur,  & Viranarayana -Belavadi.   Udupi as most know , follows the Madhva tradition.

over 90% of the temples are completely neglected and in a bad financial state .
in a few decades , most of them in villages will not have Sri Vaisnava priests since the community is shrinking and rapidly migrating to greener pastures.

hopefully at least the 60 best temples  along with ritual tradition will be preserved .Even this is going to be very difficult.
I will write in a another post about the locations of these temples if someone is interested in visiting them.

For those visiting Bangalore city ,
Bangalore city has about a dozen temples ,needless to say ,all doing ok financially ,all of them have been built in the last 300 years . ( the city itself was founded in 1537) some of which are 

1. Fort Srinivasa temple near city market ( built 1695 AD )
2. Ranganatha temple (ballurpete)
3. Tulsi thotta  (old city )
4.  Krishna temple Malleswaram 11th cross 
5. Vasantha Vallabha temple Vasantapura
6. Srinivasa temple mahalaksmi layout 
7. Narasimha temple , temple rd , Malleswaram
8. Andavan ashramam temple P.G halli
9. Andavan ashramam Rangamannar temple Jayanagar.
10. Srinivasa temple , Banashankari 
11. Srinivasa temple ,Jayanagar.
outside bangalore

12. Champaka dhama temple ( Damodara perumal ) Bannerghatta 12 km from city ,
built 1257 AD.

any mistakes I have made in the above write up, please let me know , and please excuse me .

Bharath alias Asuri Venkatanarasimhan.

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