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Teliyatha Marai NilangaL teligindrome-7

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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 08:53:09 PST

    Srimate SrivanSatakopa Sri Vedanta Desika Yatindra
maha Desikaya Nama:
                    TeliyAtha Marai NilangaL
  Continuing our journey through the picturesque 
Upanishadic woods, we come to the third mantra, which
runs as follows-
   “YenAvritam khamcha divam maheencha yEna
aadiya:tapati tEjasA bhrAjasAcha\\\ yam anta: samudrE
kavayO vayanti yet aksharE paramE prajA:”

        The first part of this mantra describes how
Paramatma envelopes this entire universe; this rings a
bell- yes, we did come across an almost similar 
passage in the NarAyanAnuvAkA “ antar bahischa tat
sarvam vyApya  nArAyaNa: stitah:” Sri Nammazhwar puts
this bahir vyApti succinctly thus-
 “aNdatthu agatthAn puratthu uLLAn”
“munniya moovalagum avaiyAi , avatraip padaitthu
pinnumuLLAi puratthAi”
 “en meedu iyandra pura aNdatthAi »
« soonzhndu agandru aazhndu uyarnda mudivil perum
pAzhEyO, soozhndu adanil periya en  para nan malar
chOdeeyO »  etc.
      The next half of this mantra ,”yEna Aditya:
tapati tEjasA bhrAjasA cha”is indeed deep in its
import. We consider the Sun God to be pratyaksha
dEvatA, without whose punctual  and unfailing
presence, the entire world would grind to a
standstill. So much so, that a day on which the Sun is
not visible ( due to heavy clouds, etc.) is called a
“durdinam”. This mantra puts things in their proper
perspective, by declaring  unequivocally that the Sun
is but a reflector, and derives his powers, to
illuminate and provide warmth, from the Paramatma.
There are other sruti vAkyAs too, which corroborate
this –for instance, “ yEna soorya: tapati tEjasEddha:”
   Any lingering doubt about the Sun God’s dependent
status is wiped away by the Anandavalli  dictum
“bheeshAsmAt vAta: pavatE-bheeshOdEti Soorya:”
(The Sun rises and sets in time due to his fear of the
Paramatma ).  Azhwar categorically declares that
Emperuman is the antarAtma of SooryA,as of everyone
else- “neeL sudar irandum engO”
       “seyyadOr gyAyittrai kAtti sridharan moorty
eedennum” etc.
    An interesting sidelight here from the
The last-mentioned quote, “seyyadOr gyAittrai kAtti “
describes the inability of the ParAnkusa Nayaki to 
withstand the seperation from  her Lord, and seeking
and  seeing Him in anything and everything she sets
her eyes upon.  To her, the beautiful golden orb
shining in the sky,   is verily Sridhara himself. In
describing the similarity between the Sun and
Emperuman, Azhwar could have employed any one of His
innumerable names. That he chose Sridhara is
significant: the purpose is to highlight the 
association with Piratti. To those who inquire as to
what possible connection  Piratti could have with the
Sun, Sri Pillan replies with the srimad Ramayana
slokam “ ananyA RaghavEnAham BhAskarENa  prabhA yatha”
Here is the beautiful ArAyirappadi Sresookti 
“EmperumAnum Pirattiyum Adityanum avanudaya prabhaiyum
pOl irukkayAlE anda Adityanai kAtti sireedharan moorty
eedennum  engirAL.”
            To be continued- dasan, sadagopan.
Srimate Sri LakshmiNrsimha diva paduka sevaka
SrivanSatakopa Sri Narayana Yatindra Maha desikaya
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