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Release of the book "Divya Prabandha Darshanam"

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 08:02:48 PST

> Hare Ranga !!!
> Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!
> Dear All,
> It is adiyEn's privilege to announce the release of the book titled "Divya
> Prabandha Darshana" authored by U. Ve Dr N.S Anantharangacharyar (Dr. NSA)
> of Bangalore. 
> This work titled "Divya Prabandha Darshana" is a masterpiece running into
> 300 pages and is the 102nd publication of Dr. NSA.
> The book is scheduled to be released on Saturday the 17th of March at
> Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, Jayanagar, Bangalore, by H.H Sri
> Rangapriya Maha Deshikan of Ashtanga Yoga Vijnana Mandiram. 
> All the bhagavatha-s are hereby cordially invited to attend the function.
> Program schedule -
> ----------------
> 9-30 a.m - Abhishekams for Sri Rangamannar, Srinivasar and Sri Ramar will
> be conducted at the Ashramam.
> 10-30 a.m - Book Release by H.H Sri Rangapriya Maha Deshikan.
> 11-00 a.m - Anugraha Bhashanam by H.H Sri Rangapriya Maha Deshikan.
> 12-30 p.m - Dr. NSA's address to the audience.
> About the book -
> --------------
> This great masterpiece excels in glorifying the essence of the great
> "Nalayira Divya Prabandham" of Azhwars.
> The introductory note talks at length about Azhwars, their era, their
> philosophical viewpoint, the nalayira divya prabandhams, it's
> classification, dravida vedam, poorvacharyas and dravidavedam and finally
> about divya prabandhams and Srivaishnava Siddhantham.
> Part - 1
> This part houses 12 chapters dedicated to the twelve Azhwars. Every
> chapter brings out in a beautiful way the essence of the prabandhams sung
> by that Azhwar and also  enshrines vyakhyanams for many great pasurams
> along with references from the 'srutis', 'Bhagavatham', 'The Gita' and the
> rare insights of our poorvaacharyas. It also provides a detailed account
> of the life of the Azhwar to whom the chapter is dedicated to.
> Part - 2
> This part of the book is named as "Divya Prabandha Makaranda". This is a
> treasure house of "Azhwar's anubhavams" with 18 chapters. Every chapter
> takes up just one topic and provides beautiful insights into the way
> Azhwars have experienced Perumal and Thayar. The titles celebrated are -
> Azhwars anubhavams of the Lord's Venuganam
> Devaki's vaatsalyam
> Is this a walking 'megha mandalam' (dark cloud)
> Thirukkandam kadinaharam
> Vadariyaacchiraamathullaane
> Krishnaavataara sambhramam
> Poigai Azhwar's divyaanubhavam
> Salagrama kshetra mahimai
> Nammazhwar's Krishnaanubhavam
> Gajendra Moksham
> Periyaazhwar's preaching on 'Sadhana Swaroopam'
> Azhwar's Nrisimhaanubhavam
> Periyaazhwar's Krishnaanubhavam
> Thirumadal
> 'vaashittum pooshittum pOkkinen pOdu"
> Periyaazhwar's Sri Ranganaathaanubhavam
> Who's greater? The Lord or the Bhakta
> Atmagunam in Andal's prabandhams
> Each one of these chapters sing the glories of the Lord and the anubhavams
> of the Azhwars. The greatness of Azhwars, their prabandhams and the
> Perumal they sung in the divya prabandhams are infinite. An analogy would
> be to quote Swamy Deshikan who in his great kaavya stotram Sri Ranganatha
> Paduka Sahasram, says 
>  niShEshamambaratalam yadi patrikA syAt
>  sapthArNavI yadi samEtya maShI bhavitrI |
>  vaktA sahasra vadana: purusha: swayam chEt
>  likhyEta rangapati pAdukayO: prabhAva: ||
> "If the entire sky becomes the manuscript to write on, if the seven oceans
> together become the ink, if the thousand headed Lord speaks of the
> greatness of the Padukas - only then can one write the glory of
> Thiruvarangan's Paadukai !!!".
> Glory to Sri Ranganaayaki sametha Sri Ranganatha
> Glory to Azhwars and their "Naalaayira Divya Prabandhams"
> Glory to Emperumaanaar
> Glory to Swamy Deshikan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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