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Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 07:39:57 PST

Dear All,

I received replies from many of the devotees
explaining about prapatti.  Thank you all for that.

After reading about what prapatti one small doubt
arised.  I think some body will clarify that doubt.

"Ananyagatitvam is main in prapatti."  Then why did
gopis prayed Katyayini to get Krishna as their
husband? I heard that Andal did "Kaman" pooja to get
Lord Ranganathan.  If I am wrong in understanding
please forgive me for that.

Shri Venkat wrote a seperate prapatti article to me. 
In that there was one sentence "Perarulalan advocates
prapatti by his di vine answers to Bh.Ramanuja through
Thiru Kachi Nambigal".  Can anyone brief me about
their conversation?

When I was reading Andal's Thrippavai v.22 "Angan ..
it comes as "chengann chiruchirude em mel vizhiyavo". 
In this why Andal is expressing as chiruchirude? I
think there must be some interesting divine inner
meaning. Hope someone will explain.

rajalakshmi sridhar

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