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From: P.V. Ravi (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 00:33:24 PST

Dear Devotees,
I have the bagyam of visiting Mangalagiri long ago.
the temple is situated in a hill top. the whole hill
is considered as Lord Narasimha. the main prasadam is
panagam. this is to be prepared in the temple itself.
for doing this many persons are available and they
will bring all the ingredients including water and the
panagam is prepared in the temple at the hill top. be
it one Kudam or one tumbler only half of it is taken
by the Lord. the rest is given back to the devotees as
prasadam. I have seen that different people are
offering in different vessels and quanties and in each
case only half the quantity is taken.
there is a opening in the hill representing the mouth
of the Lord through which the panagam is poured by the
it is a divine sight  and experience.

Purisai Nadathur Ravi

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