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Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 04:15:06 PST

Please add the following information as well:

>  (3) Out of the 1875 verses of Saama Vedam , 1776 verses 
>      are Rg veda manthrams set to music ; Thus, only 99 
>      verses do not belong to Rg Vedam. Among the 99 , 
>      eleven have been adopted from Atharva vedam and 
>      Four are from Yajur Vedam. Some 70 to 80 verses
>      belong uniquely to Saama vedam.
VA: These remaining 70-80 mantras are all found in the Shankhayana Shakha 
Samhita or Rigveda ( unpublished yet) available in approximately 6 
manuscripts at Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Ranayaniya and Kauthuma Samhitas 
have the same mantras, with some textual differences. The Jaimini Samaveda 
Samhita has around 1700 mantras only, a few of them are not found in the 
vulgate Kauthuma Samhita.

>  (5) Out of the 1001 SaakhAs that existed before , we 
>      have today only three available to us : KouTuma ,
>      RaaNayaneeya and Jaimineeya.KouTama recension is 
>      prevalent in Gujerat;Jaimineeya in Southern India
>      (Karnatic parts and Tamil Naadu);RaaNayaneeya in
>      MahArAshtrA.
VA: This distribution is described in a text called 'Maharnava' and is not 
true today. Currently, this is what we have:
Kauthuma: Gujarat, Bihar (Darbhanga district), W Bengal (A Veda Pathashaala 
started recently), Tamil Nadu, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Southern Maharashtra, 
Ranayaniya: Southern Orissa, Shimoga district (Karnataka), Bahraich and 
Mathura in UP (Now probably extinct), Jaipur in Rajasthan (extinct in the 
last 100 years), Pune and Sholapur in Maharashtra (now extinct in the last 
150 years).
Jaiminiya: A few villages in TN and Kerala. The two have very distinct 
styles. Kerala version survives only in 2-3 recitors and might become extinct 
soon (fortunately all the 50 hours of recitations have been recorded).
The Sarvanukaramani of Naigeya Shakha is also available.
There are rumors that the Bhallavi Brahmana of the Bhallavi Sakha is found 
with some Brahmins in N India, but it appears to be baseless.

>  (7) Just as Aapasthambha Soothram is the Sroutha 
>      Soothram of KrishNa Yajur Vedam ,Saama vedam 
>      has for its Soothram , LaaDyAyana Sroutha
>      Soothram.It sets down the priestly duties of 
>      Udhgathrus performing SomA Yaj~nams.
VA: The Latyayana sutra is used by north Indian Kauthuma Samavedins. South 
Indians use Drahyayana Srautasutra which is not very different from the LSS. 
Jaiminiyas have their own Srautrasutra (only Agnishtoma portion published 
yet). The Samaveda actually has numerous Srautrasutras (10 in number)- 
Pushpasutra, Nidana, Upanidana, Gayatravidhana, Anupada, Kalpanupada, (last 
two in manuscript only), Mashaka, Arsheya....

>      Source texts like Naaradi SikshA and Raaga VibhOdha 
>      provide details on the singing of these four song manuals.

Also, Matralakshana for Kauthuma and Dharanalakshana of Sabhapati for 

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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