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krishna- how you entered my mind- part 10

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 04:10:07 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the last post we concluded "Oh that beauty of krishna- entering through
the eyes- completely over powers the heart. Now heart is full of that
krishna swaroopam". Continuing with the dhyaanam of that krishna roopam, we
will repeat that question "hey krishna eppadiththan en uLLam pugunthu ennai
adimai koNdeerO swamy" in an attempt to find an answer.

You may ask "hey even after 9 posts of searching for an answer, have you not
got an answer". I will have to reply you, the act of searching is more tasty
than having the real answer. So let us continue the search and see how
kooraththaazhvaan enjoyed that krishna swaroopam - "en uLLam pugunthu ennai
adimai koNda kaLvanin roopam"

AmbhOdha neelam aravindha dhaLaayathaaksham 
pinchaavathamsam urareekrutha vENu paaNim!
thvaam gOpavEsha parikarmitha kaayakaanthim
Dhanyaas thadhaa dhadhrusurun mathitha anya Bhaavaa:!! 48th slokam of

Meaning: Oh krishna! when you played the flute with your own hands and
danced in the brindhaavan, the people who had the bhagyam and no other
desire except enjoying you, were just immersed in those niceties of enjoying
you in 
*	Your cloud coloured shining body [ambhOdha neelam]
*	Your shining long lotus petal like eyes [aravindha
*	The hair locks adorned with the feathers of peacocks of the forest
[pinchaavath amsam]
*	The dress of the gopaas adorning the shining blue body [gOpavEsha
parikarmitha kaaya]
*	The hands wielding the flute that produces enticing music
[urareekrutha vENu paaNim]
In another slokam he wants this gOpa vEshadharan to reside in his heart
permanently. See his request -
Gopaala vEsha parikarma paraavarEsam
Yannaama dhaama paramam thamasa:parasthaath/
Thath pinchalaanchana sudhaamakrutha upaveetham
GOdhooLi dhoosaritha kunthaLam antharaasthaam//
 - slokam 55 athi maanushasthavam

That "grandest" light called krishna must always reside in my heart, which
is most important for those highly placed nithya soorees, that supreme light
*	who always have the nectarian mahalakshmi in his chest 
*	Having the peacock garland adorned in his chest around that nectar-
*	Coming in the Gopa dress as his favourite dress
*	Having the hair locks covered with the dust created by cow hoofs  
The light has to be in front for the eyes to see, the music of his flute has
to be there for the ears to hear so that the feeling of his residing in the
heart is always there for all bhakthaas. Then only as a bhakthaa, I can say
AdiyOmOdum ninnOdum pirivu inRi aayiram pallaaNdu- thiruppallaaNdu 2- 
there is no separation between you and me your servant for long long years. 

When there is no separation how is that he came and entered into me. He was
there always, but I did not realise. Now that realisation has come again by
his own act and so I say he came entered into me. See
EnakkE aatchei ekkaalaththum enRu en manaththE vanthu idai veedinRi manni-
2-9-4 nammazhvar in thiruvaaimozhi
He came into my mind and did that act of making me - "be my servant for

What is the result. For any act there is a result in this world-
AdiyOm enRu ezhuththuppatta annaaLE adiyOngaL adik kudil veedu peRRu
uinthathu kaaN -thirup pallaaNdu -10

We got that veedu- that mOksham. So when we got this nothing more to seek or
search. Heed the advice -
AnGe ingE enRu alaiyaadhe maname
Aazhnthu paar un uLLe brindhaavanamE
Thangaladhu kaNNanin pEr paadum munname
Thaanaagath thONumE sankai En inimE
EnavE naavE sol gOvindha gOvindha

OVS mahan in his krithi niraintha mayil in raaga maalika. [Since I started
ith OVS krithi as topic of this series it is better that I conclude also
with his krithi].

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: With this I conclude this topic and thanks for the patience in reading
and enjoying that krishnan.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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