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Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 21:54:38 PST

To all children so dear to Thayar,

If we had any doubt that we're living in Kaliyugam, the recent event that shook us up out of our stupor should leave us in no doubt. That such a danger should have neared not just any temple but Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple, in the Sanctum Sanctorum, that it should have been an issue not for any minor vigraham but the Archa Murthy of the Lord Himself, that then it should have gone to the "heart of the matter" by appearing to endanger Mahalakshmi's chosen abode (VishNu VakshasThalasthitha, we call Her) can hardly believe it. That mere mortals could have sway over whether the Jaganmatha will have Her place is beyond comprehension. I'm just so grateful for the wisdom and watchfulness of the people involved who seem to have rushed to prove (with old photographs and any 'pramaNam' available) that Sri belongs with Ranga.

The Mahalakshmi of my dreams was never the baby-faced young woman in pictures of today. She has the face of yesterday's woman, the one whose glow comes from within, who ties all in the family to her with the soft silk threads of quiet affection. Most conversations would only require 'paavam' and 'ponaa poradhu' to get everyone from brother-in-law to child to be forgiven any transgression. (I heard that when someone explained the Bangladesh war to my grandmother, she said "avanum thaan konja naaL aaNduttu pottume. Ramar koodathan aaNdar. Ellam konja naaLukku thane. Shandai vendaam.."). If there was not enough food in the house, a poor mother would feed someone the last grain and starve herself. But however overcrowded we make this earth, to think that a day came when there was danger of pushing the Thrailokya kutumbini from her boggles the mind.

There are two silver linings. One that it was averted. The other that those "in power" know that there are bhaktas who are watching and who care...

Perhaps that was Her intent.

Holding on tightly to the Lotus Feet of the Sriranga DhAmeswari,
Viji Raghunathan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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