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Books on Mahanarayanopanishat and Ramanuja on the Chatussutri

From: Padmini Ranganathan (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 06:18:40 PST

Dear all,

Please accept my pranamams.

Kindly excuse me for abruptly stopping the series on
"Ramanuja on the Chatussutri" and
"Mahanarayanopanishat". In fact the papers were given
to the press and unfortunately I couldn't get a soft
copy until now. I am trying to get that so that I can
give that for those who ahd asked.

I would like to inform you that I have sent 100 books
of 'Mahanarayanopanishat' and 25 books of 'Ramanuja on
the chatussutri'(both books of my  dear grand father
Dr. NSA were published last year) with my parents who
are presently in Kansas city in my sister's house. The
tel. no. is 913 681 2302. My sister e-mail id is

Those who want to buy those books can contact my
father Sri H.R.Krishnaswamy at that number. The rate
of the book "Mahanarayanopanishat" is US $3 and the
other $2.

Deep pranamams

[Those who are interested can also ask my father about
the veda casettes of samhita.(I have requested him to
record for my sake and he has started recording at
home. So I am not sure about the quality.)]


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