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Fw: Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised Mail 3

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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 23:37:42 PST

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Subject: Emperumanar Darsanam   Are we being marginalised? Mail 3

Order,Order Order.
Lord Narayana: Where is the petioner.I see  only the New gentleman representing  the third group and  another one representing  the Srivaishnavas who claim everything is in order .Where is the petioner who wants to argue Srivaishnavas are being marginalised?
Viswaksenar ":Sampath Kumar, Sampathkumar,Sampathkumar"
Adiyen:(rushing into the hall with a jubliant face) My Lord  all of us are extremly happy at the outcome of the decision in  Srirangam Temple matter. I was talking to the two great  Srivaishnavas at Srirangam and tears rolled my cheek when they were narrating the sequence of events.That is the reason I was late.Why do You want to punish us with this kind of Leela, my Lord. For the past few days thousands and thousands of Srivaishnavites had sleepless nights.Worried and  feeling helpless they could pray to You only my Lord.We were told better sense prevailed  on  the concerned persons.  I had the fortune to talk to Krishnamachari Swami and Sundararajan Swami at Srirangam and both of them said You Yourself could save the situation and not because of the effort of anyone as they had lost hope on Govt Officials.and others.
Lord Narayana:  It is interesting to learn all these.
Adiyen: Lord you know we make mistakes but please donot  inflict this pain on us again.
Lord Narayana: Where is the guarantee that you  Srivaishnavites will follow the path of Emperumanar, which is so dear to my heart, in future ,so that such events do not recur
Adiyen: My Lord  you know us very well,the moment the Samprokshanam is over we  will be fully engrossed in our routine till you enact another Leela.
Lord Narayana: You are all my children,I know all of you cannot follow the Emperumanar Darsanam.Atleast  make an attempt  and all these pains and sufferings will be reduced considerably.
 If you are going to get involved in these matters when will you start your arguments?.If you are not ready can I ask any one of the gentleman to  present their case?.

(gentleman 1 will represent the  group  representing Srivaishnavas who claim  all is well.gentleman 2 will represent the Hindus other than the Srivaishnavas)

Adiyen; Lord I am prepared but my friend  g.m 1  wants to present his case first and I donot have any objections.
Lord Naryana : As you people please.
G.M.1. My Lord my case is a very brief one.I represent the group of Srivaishnavas  who feel lot of activities are being carried out and what is being mentioned in Emperumanar Darsanam  is being followed.You see for yourself my Lord the activities  in Parthasarathy Temple.or in Thiruvullore Temple.The Adhyapaka Ghoshti and Veda Parayana Ghoshti in these temples stand apart like gems in a crown.If you open any news paper  you see so many upanyasams /discourses  being conducted at various places daily.Book shops have been flooded with books on Srivaishnava philosophy and allied matters There a number of religious magazines and books and periodicals .Audio tapesand c.d.,are available every where where one can know about Srivaishnavism.Web portals on Srivaishnavism outnumber other portals.Oriental schools are run for imparting knowledge.H.H.Jeer Swamis visit all the places to bless all the Srivaishnavites.I can add and add on  the activities being carried out and at times it appears as if we are overdoing .
Adiyen: Lord I may be permitted to intervene and cross examine him once he concludes because he has painted such a rosy picture that Emperumanar himself will be envy of these activities being carried out.
Lord Narayana:Why dont you control your impulsive action for some time.I will give all the opportunity to  you and to the G.M.2 also to cross examine G.M.1 Let G.M.1 proceed .
G.M.1  Lord  as I pleaded  I wanted to make a short and sweet submission.There is  a saying  the "it is enough to check on morsel of rice from the pot to see whether it  has been cooked properly" Therefore I conclude my submissions my Lord.
Adiyen: The proverb is  inaapropriate one my Lord and because he has nothing more to say he has concluded.
Lord Narayana; Why all these  skirmishes.Now G.M.2 and you can cross examine  G.M.1.
Bell rings 
Viswaksenar : case adjourned  for another day.
All  stand in  reverence  and Lord Sriman Narayana  leaves for His abode

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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