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Srirangam crisis - some thoughts.

From: Narasimhan Krishnamachari (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 09:58:55 PST

Dear Bhagavata-s:

I will be sending the e-mail in a few minutes to the different e-mail
addresses.  Here are some additional thoughts (some of them might be
already happening).

1. Pray to Lord ra'nganAtha to guide the stapati in the right
direction.  Chant perumAL's name and pray. (SrI ra'nganAtho jayatu
SrIra'nga SrISca vardhahtAm).

2. If anyone has the e-mail addresses to send mail to President K. M.
Narayanan, please send it to the list, so tht we can approach at that
level.  I do not know his religious beliefs personally, but it is worth
a try.

3. I know that a few years back, former President Venkataraman's
daughter was living in the New Jersey area.  If anyone knows this
person, please request her to call her father and intercede at whatever
level he can.

4. Many of us here have friends/relatives back in India who are IAS
officers.  They may personally know some of the IAS's listed in the
e-mail list we got.  Please call your friends/relative at positions
where they have access to some of these decision-makers and present our

5. I am sure the yati sammeLanam people are already active and working
the issue, and so also the AcAryas (the Andavan ASramam-s, the ahobila
maTham, Sri cinna nArAyaNa jeeyar, etc.).  

With my prayers to Lord ra'nganAtha and SrI ra'nganAyaki for guidance
to all in this crisis.


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