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Nanjeeyar Sannidhi in Srirangam

From: Sri Vaishnava Sri ,A.Krishnamachari (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 08:23:16 PST

Dear members .This is an article regarding the Nanjeeyar Sannidhi in Srirangam .Please go through.
Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha!
"Namperumal,Nammalwar, Nanjeeyar ,Nampillai yenbar avaravar tham yetrathal anbudayor sattru tirunamangal thanenru nannenje ethathanai sollu
nee indru" says the Upadesa Rathnamaalai .

Madhavacharya  was a learned advaitin who was named as Nanjeeyar after being initiated  into the fold of Sri Vaishnavism  by Sri Parasara Bhattar as per Sri Ramanuja's desire.The Moola and Utsava archa vigrahams of Nanjeeyar are present in melkote.At Srirangam even though there used to be a shrine for Nanjeeyar in the place where the present cloak room stands(Adjacent to the Tirukkottaram in Aalinadan Tiruchutru ).Swami Nanjeeyar was present along with Sri Koorathazhwan,Sri Parasara Bhattar with Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal as the Tiruvaradhana Perumal.The Nanjeeyar sannidhi was under the control of the descendants of Somajiyandan and Aayanar .Since there were no male descendants in these 2 families for a period of 20 years the sannidhi went into disuse and neglect and fell in ruins .  The executive officer of the srirangam temple at that time (approx during the 1970's)shifted the vigrahams of  Nanjeeyar and Sri Parasara Bhattar to the temple museum .Since the Nanjeeyar vigraha was a  jeeva vigraha (A Vigraha to which Nithya tiruvaradhanam was performed) the Srirangam Temple Heritage Protection Committee (STHPC) took the necessary efforts and  relocated the vigraham of Nanjeeyar  inside Sri Koorathazhwan's Sannidhi where Sri Parasara Bhattar's Moola and Utsava vigrahams reside .Even today the worshippers can see the image of Nanjeer under the lotus feet of Sri Parasara Bhattar .The STHPC thanks the HR&CE Commissioner Sri.Savarkar,EO/JC Sri.R.Muthuswamy and the  Sthalathar and Rotation trustee Sri Parasara Tiruvengada bhattar for their kind cooperation.With the relocation of Nanjeeyar on the 8th of March,2001,the folowing acharyas have their respective sannithis in Srirangam.This is  is a unique feature of Srirangam as no other temple in the world has such a galaxy of acharyas .

3.Periyanambi (This Shrine is in East Chitra Street ) 
4.Tirukkachi Nambi
7.Parasara Bhattar
9.Nampillai (Outside the Saptha Prakara)
10.Periyavachan Pillai
12.Sri Nigamantha Mahadesikan 
13.Manavalamamunigal(This sannidhi is in South Uttara Street)

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