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HH Srimath Azhagiya Singar's tribute to HH Poundarikapuram Andavan on the occasion of the forthcoming SathAbhishEkam at Srirangam ; Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 06:47:37 PST

Namo NarAyaNAya
SrimathE NigamAntha MahA DesikAya Nama:

Dear AchArya AbhimAnis:

Srimath Parama Hamsa Sri PaadhukA Sevaka Sri VaNN
SaThakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan
of Ahobila Matam has sent a special message to be shared by 
All AchArya AbhimAnis in the context of the upcoming
SathAbhishEkam celebrations for HH Srimath PoundarIkapuram 
Andavan . This message from asmath AchAryan is dear to me
because of my own links to the ancient village of
Poundarikapuram , where a Soma Yaagam was performed 
by Koti KanyA dhAnam TatachAr Swamy few hundred years ago.
Additional links of the founder of the Poundarikapuram 
Matam to Sri Bhumi Devi SamEtha Sri Oppiliappan provides 
special incentive for adiyEn to share with you this message 
from adiyEn's own revered AchAryan.

HH Srimath Azhagiya Singar along with Sri Srirangam Andavan, 
HH Sri Parakaala Matam AchAryan , HH Sri RangapriyA Swamy 
will particpate in this SathAbhshEkam for HH PoundarIkapuram 
Andavan during March 24-30, 2001.

SathAbhishEkam is the celebration of one , who has
witnessed 1000 PourNamis .If this is important for 
ordinary   human beings , One need not elaborate further
on the glory of a great AchArya Purushan's SathAbhishEkam .
Such MahAns are like full Moon to us in showering us
with their nectarine anugrahams as their Sishya Sampath.
SathAbhishEkam is an important mile stone for our
AchAryAs on their way to the next mile stone of 
Veda prAyam of One hundred years .

adiyEn will provide the translation of the MangaLAsAsanam
of Srimath Azhagiya Singar in a companion posting. It is
entitled: " GuNAnubhavam of Srimath PaRavAkkOttai Andavan".

This mangaLAsAsanam starts with a quotation of Swamy
NigamAntha MahA Desikan's last paasuram of UpakAra 
Sangraham. I will quote that important paasuram ,
which is a beacon light for us , and then translate it
first before  translating the GuNAnubhavam(Tamil Text)
by Srimath Azhagiya Singar:

Thirtieth & last Paasuram of UpakAra Sangraham
kazhiyAtha KaDuvinayil paDintha nammaik-
  kaalam ithu yenRorukkAl kaaval seythu
pazhiyAtha Nall-vinayil paDinthAr thALil
  paNivitthup paasankaL adaya neekki
suzhiyAtha sevvazhiyil ThuNaivarODE
  tolayAtha pErinbham tara mEl-yERRi
azhiyAtha AruLAzhip PerumAn seyyum
  anthamilA Udhavi yellAm aLappAr AarE ?

(meaning): Who can really measure/evaluate
the limitless upakArams done by Eternal Lord,
who is the embodiment of Mercy ? There is no one 
indeed who can evaluate His immeasurable upakAram .
He removes the powerful karmAs of us , which result in
our total immersion in garbha Vaasam and other
samsAric afflictions and decides that , this is the time 
(when our bhAgyam reaches a stage of maturation) 
to protect us and propells us to engage in
the blemishless anushtAnam of Prapatthi and
joins us to the sacred feet of His AchAryans
and through that Prapathi removes all of our
karma paasams and sets us forth on the archirAdhi
maargam with Aadhivahikars to reach His Parama padham
to enjoy the eternal Moksha Sukham there and to
perform joyous nithya kaimkaryam to Him and His
Consorts there .He blesses us with UpAya Poorthi
and banishes future births and gives us
Sva-PrApthi.  Who indeed can measure this 
MahOpakAram ? 

Srimath Azhagiya Singar quotes this UpakAra 
Sangraha Pasuram as a preface and then pays
His tribute to Srimath PaRavAkkOttai Andavan
Swamy of PoundarIkapuram .

(To Be continued)

Azhagiya Singar PaadhAngri rENu ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VardAchAri SaThakOpan       


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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