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Re: Petition to Save Srirangam Periya Perumaal

From: Diwakar Kannan (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 11:21:41 PST

Mani wrote:
"If there is anything I ask of you as members of
the bhakti-list members, it is this: 

 PLEASE write, send a telegram, or call (all three
 if possible) so we can restore Lord Ranganatha to His 
 true glory. (Please prefix all numbers with 011-91-44
 if calling from the U.S.)"
Completely agree with what you say.  I have found out some email
addresses of TN govt. officials in the site
You may send email to the following:

                    Thiru A P Muthuswami, IAS
                    Chief Secretary

                    Thiru T R Ramasamy,IAS   
                    Secretary to CM

                    Dr.  N Sundaradevan, IAS
                    Special Secretary to CM
                    Thiru S Ramakrishnan, IAS
                    Tamil Development and Culture & Religious Endowment
                    Thiru V Murthy IAS
                    District Collector,


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